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Do you have a hobby? Every OHM Gnome needs a hobby. We know they like to travel, garden, and occasionally moon people; but do they play any gnome sports? We at OHM are privileged to have unlimited access to the private lives of fairies, elves, and gnomes, and we can accurately report that gnomes are obsessed with sumo wrestling! We kid you not. Indeed, they have the perfect bodies for it: short, stout, and tough as knotted wood. Everywhere you go in a gnome village, you’ll see two rotund and bearded little gnomes stripping down -- stomping and snarling until their faces and bodies are bright pink -- then, rushing smack into each other and bumping bellies until one or the other bounces away. Young gnomes have their wrestling heroes and hope someday to turn pro themselves, to bang bellies in the big arena.
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Color No Color
Type Beads
Material Sterling Silver
Theme Make Believe
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Sumo OG