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Beadmail Beadbox (Glass)


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  • A handmade lampwork bead from a vast collection of released OHM Beads designs delivered to your door monthly. This is a great way to get a taste of OHM Beads at an incredible price before taking a plunge into collecting OHM Beads.
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY - Active online community to share your passion and get inspired.
  • GREAT GIFT: Do you have bead addict friends? OHM BEAD BOX would be a perfect gift for them.
  • CANCEL ANYTIME - There is no long-term commitment. You can cancel your OHM BEAD BOX subscription at any time.
  • WARNING - Collecting OHM Beads is highly addictive, please subscribe with caution.


Visit OHM Beadmail Program page for more information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or email  

Beadmail Schedule

The Schedule

Each BEADMAIL sign-up period closes on the 28th of the month*. Sign up BEFORE then to be included in the production run.

You will be charged at the time that you sign up. Recurring charges will be on the 1st of the month.**

*The cut-off window is based in Eastern Time. Any order placed at or after midnight Eastern Time 23:59 ET (UTC -4) of the cut-off day will skip the next upcoming charge. 

📦 Monthly BEADMAIL packages (e.g., Original Beadmail, GOTM, etc.) will ship on the 1st of the month approximately 2 months later. For example:  

Sign Up Date For Beadmail **Next Charge
Jun 29 - Jul 28, 2022 Sep  2022 Aug 1, 2022
Jul 29 - Aug 28, 2022 Oct  2022 Sep 1, 2022
Aug 29 - Sep 28, 2022
Nov 2022 Oct 1, 2022

📦 Quarterly BEADMAIL packages (e.g., OROQ) recur once every three months and ship on the 1st of the month approximately 3 months later. For example:  

Sign Up Date For Beadmail **Next Charge
July 1 - Jul 28, 2022 Oct 2022 Oct 1, 2022
Oct 1 - Oct 28, 2022 Jan 2023 Jan 1, 2023
Jan 1 - Jan 28, 2023
Apr 2024
Apr 1, 2023


📦 Monthly BEADBOX Pilot Program packages (Silver OR Glass) will ship immediately after your order is processed each month.

Sign Up Date Beadbox **Next Charge
Jun 29 - Jul 28, 2022
July 2022 Aug 1, 2022
Jul 29 - Aug 28, 2022 August 2022 Sep 1, 2022
Aug 29 - Sep 28, 2022 September 2023 Oct 1, 2023


Original Beadmail, GOTM, and OROQ production quantities are tabulated after the subscription period closes and production is finalized. Beadbox selections are selected from existing releases.

Beadmail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

-Where can I sign up?
You can sign up for Beadmail here.

-Can I get previous Beadmail designs like BEADMAIL No. 1? 
No. Previous designs are not available for purchase. 

-Will everyone get the same bead?
Original Beadmail: For the most part, yes. There will be some designs that include variations. You'll have to wait and see what you get!
GOTM & OROQ: You will receive the same concept, however as with all glass or natural stone products variation is inevitable. You'll have to risk it and find out!

-Where can I see the previous Beadmails?
Visit Beadmails Revealed page to see and read stories of past Beadmails.

-Can I use OHMbucks to subscribe to Beadmail?
No. Existing coupons or discounts will not apply to subscription items however, you will earn OHMbucks on your paid subscription.

-Can I sign up with my local dealer?
Yes. Participating OHM Authorized Retailers may offer subscriptions contact them directly.

-When can I sign up?
Now! Sign up at any time to start your subscription. Each Beadmail sign-up period closes the 28th of the month. Note: OROQ subscriptions are open for limited periods throughout the year. 

-When will I get my bead?
As items are made to order, shipments arrive approximately 2 cycles after you sign up (about 2 months). You can see the BEADMAIL SCHEDULE for more details.

-How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
Go to to view, skip, or cancel. As always you can email for assistance. For example:

Cancel Date Last Charge* The last Beadmail you will receive
Jun 1-30, 2022 Jun 1, 2022 Sep 2022
Jul 1-31, 2022 Jul 1, 2022 Oct 2022
Aug 1-31, 2022 Aug 1, 2022 Nov 2022

* We cannot refund the month that has already been charged.