• OHM Fund Me

    “Fund Me" is a crowdfunding platform by OHM Studio USA. Vote on active submissions.

    Every idea deserves a chance to become a piece of wearable art. You don't need to be an artist to pitch your idea! Submit yours here!

  • OHM Studio

    Handmade samples, OHMkensteins, prototypes, and Ohm-One-Of-A-Kind (OOOAK) jewelry pieces created at the studio in Seattle, Washington, as well as Custom Order requests available at OHM Together USA.

    Vsit OHM Studio Thailand in person, or online HERE for even more creating!

  • OHM Studio 2 Go

    Start your creative journey and create your own beads with OHM Studio 2 Go. Available at OHM Together USA and shipping worldwide.

    Casting available in Sterling Silver or Bronze & choose your finish! #OS2G

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