OHM Beadmail is a monthly subscription program created especially for bead lovers and collectors who love excitement and peace of mind. Every month subscribers will receive a new limited edition bead straight to their mailbox.

These are some of the OHM Beadmail photos our subscribers have shared on social media.

OHM Beadmail program will bring your excitement of bead collecting to the next level. It will give you the peace of mind of knowing your bead budget and hassle-free shopping experience.

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our subscribers say.

"It’s a cool concept! I do love that so much thought is put into making the beads. I love the backstories and learning."

"It is fun receiving a special surprise in the mail each month! As an adult, it is hard to have that little kid at Christmas feeling and this program gives me that feeling."

"Any bead lover would find these beads fun to play with."

"Fabulous new designs and unique."


Ready to join our Beadmail community? 

We currently offer two types of Beadmails,

  • Original Beadmail - Sterling silver beads, but sometimes we may surprise you with stone beads.

  • GOTM (Glass Of The Month)  - Handmade glass beads with sterling silver cores.

There are two ways to sign up,

  • $65 monthly subscription (recurring charge) - You can pause or cancel anytime

    Prepaid subscription
     (one-time payment)

    • Choose silver, glass, or both and the length of your subscription

Each BEADMAIL sign-up period closes on the 28th of each month. Sign up before then to be included in that month's production run.

You will be charged at the time that you sign up. Recurring charges will be on the 1st of the month for each production run after that. 

The cut-off window is based in Eastern Time. Any order placed at or after midnight Eastern Time 00:00 ET (UTC -4) of the cut-off day will skip the next upcoming order.

Quantities will be tabulated after the sign-up period closes and production will be finalized after that. BEADMAIL packages will ship on the 1st of the month approximately 45 days later. For example:  

Sign Up Date For Beadmail Next Charge
Dec 29 - Jan 28, 2022  March 2022 Feb 1, 2022
Jan 29 - Feb 28, 2022 April 2022 Mar 1, 2022
Feb 29 - Mar 28, 2022 May 2022 Apr 1, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

-Where can I sign up?
You can sign up for Beadmail here.

-Will everyone get the same bead?
For the most part, yes. There will be some designs that include variations. You'll have to wait and see what you get!

-Can I get previous Beadmail designs like BEADMAIL No. 1? 
No. Previous designs are not available for purchase. 

-Where can I see the previous Beadmails?
Visit Beadmails Revealed page to see and read the stories of all the past Beadmails.

-Can I use OHMbucks to subscribe to Beadmail?
No. Existing coupons or discounts will not apply to subscription items however, you will earn OHMbucks on your paid subscription.

-Can I sign up with my local dealer?
Yes. Participating OHM Authorized Retailers may offer subscriptions directly.

-When can I sign up?
Now! Sign up at any time to start your subscription. Each Beadmail sign-up period closes the 28th of the month. 

-When will I get my bead?
As items are made to order, shipments arrive approximately 2 cycles after you sign up (about 2 months). You can see the schedule above for more details.

-How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
Go to ohmbeads.com/manage to view, skip, pause, or cancel. As always you can email support@ohmbeads.com for assistance.

Pause/Cancel Date Last Charge* The last Beadmail you will receive
Jan 1-31, 2022 Jan 1, 2022 April 2022
Feb 1-28, 2022 Feb 1, 2022 May 2022
Mar 1-31, 2022 Mar 1, 2022 June 2022

* We cannot refund the month that has already been charged