About OHM

OHM is a community-driven brand creating wearable art, specializing in sterling silver, founded and operating in the Pacific Northwest. OHM is here to inspire the-artist-within to come out and play. OHM is weird, and OHM is not for everyone. OHM is the gravitational force of human existence unleashing designs from creators like you around the world. OHM is what you want it to be. OHM is open-minded, we do not take ourselves too seriously, and we love to laugh at our own mistakes. 

OHM has 1,111 ideas a minute, and we struggle to bring every idea into reality. We don't make beads, we create a shared experience, and we believe there is an artist within you ready to assist the community shining a light on the path, “Do that one next!” OHM is a collective of doers, dreamers, and dealers, makers, thinkers, and creators, artists, collaborators, and the chic collectors comprising a loving community, the oh-so-stylish from around the globe, forever young, WHO never say die! 

The goal of OHM is to bring a little more love to a world in need. From idea inception—words on paper, scribbles and sketches, planning and drafting, carving and casting, polishing and finishing, to quality control, packaging, shipping, and the final bead-mail unboxing experience. When you wear OHM the community embraces you! Walking hand in hand through life, OHM invites you to experience life together through beads, humor, and a bit of inner peace. Be a part of the OHM Family by loving and being yourself. Be you, be OHM! Not like others.