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April 2024 - Beadmail No. 37 / GOTM No. 32 / OROQ No. 8

April 2024 - Beadmail No. 37 / GOTM No. 32 / OROQ No. 8

BEADMAIL NO. 37 Playing Card
Retail Price: $85

Life unfolds like a deck of playing cards in the grand tapestry of existence, each suit carrying its unique symbolism and narrative. As we delve into the world of cards, it becomes evident that the conflicts within the suits are not mere whimsical disputes but reflections of the intricate stories woven by our perceptions. Alice's path takes her deeper into the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where the cards engage in their peculiar debates. The suits in a deck of cards offer us a profound lesson in self-reflection.

Trace back the origins of the modern deck to ancient tarot, which emerged in the 15th century as a tool for divination and self-discovery. The tarot deck comprises four suits: swords, cups, wands, and coins, each representing different aspects of life. Over time, these suits evolved into the familiar spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds we know today, each carrying symbolism and significance.

The conflict among the suits mirrors our internal struggles in our journey through life. The swords, often associated with intellect and challenges, engage in heated debates with the cups, representing emotions and relationships. Meanwhile, the wands, symbolizing inspiration and creativity, clash with the practicality of the coins. These seemingly external clashes serve as projections of our own internal conflicts and our choices.

Consider the cups, or hearts, the embodiment of emotions and love. In our interpretation of the cards, the hearts may quarrel with the diamonds representing material wealth and earthly pursuits. Yet, upon closer inspection, we realize that the conflict is not between the suits themselves but within our hearts. It reflects the perennial struggle between emotional fulfillment and material success that each grapples with in their unique journey.

Similarly, the clubs and spades engage in a battle between creativity and pragmatism. The clubs, wands, or rods, symbolizing inspiration and innovation, may seem at odds with the spades, swords representing the challenges and hardships of life. However, this conflict is a projection of our struggles to balance our creative aspirations with the world's harsh realities. The suits tell tales that resonate with the universal human experience.

The tarot's influence on the modern deck underscores the timeless nature of the narratives embedded in the suits. As we select a card from the deck, it is not merely chance that dictates our fate but rather a reflection of our own stories. The cards become mirrors, reflecting our fears, desires, and aspirations. Each unveiling, each draw, and each new card joining the spread reveals a chapter in the book of our lives, and our interpretation of the suits shapes the narrative.

The conflict among the suits in a deck of cards is a metaphor for our internal struggles on life's path. The origins of the suits in tarot offer a glimpse into the profound symbolism that transcends time. Much like Alice in Wonderland, the world we inhabit mirrors the reality within ourselves. Through the observation of which card we draw, our own story unfolds, inviting us to explore the depths of our consciousness and embrace the narratives written in the cards of destiny through interpretation.

GOTM NO. 32 Tea Cupping
Retail Price: $75


Step into a whimsical wonderland, where the magic unfolds with every sip! Let me take you on a path down the rabbit hole, where the love for tea has become an enchanting obsession. Picture this: delicate porcelain tea cups adorned with mesmerizing blue and white patterns, hot, steaming tea, a biscuit or cookie eagerly waiting to bring you joy and delight. Spiral deeper into the adventure.

Imagine at your very own tea party, surrounded by friends and laughter, as you indulge in the charming allure of our handcrafted tea cups. Each cup tells a story, its delicate design a testament to the passion and artistry that goes into creating these treasures. With every sip, you'll find yourself falling deeper into a world where tea rituals take on a whole new meaning.

As we explore this rabbit hole of tea-infused bliss together, we invite you to take one more step down this exciting path. Let the joy of tea cups and the thrill of tea parties spark your imagination and ignite your love for all things tea. Whether you're enjoying a tranquil moment of solitude or sharing laughter with loved ones, these exquisite tea memories will be your trusted companions.

Get ready to embrace the enchantment of tea cups, where every pour brings you closer to a world of magic and cherished memories. Come, join us as we tumble further down the rabbit hole, discovering the endless possibilities that await in this tea lover's paradise. Let the adventure begin!


OROQ NO. 8 Serenity Please
Retail Price: $150

Beneath moonlit waves, you sway gracefully, your life creating ripples which sparkles with scattered gemstones. The sea, adorned in soft hues of blue and green embraces you, and you with a gentle charm a feather falls from above, carried by a whisper of air. Dance along the water's surface, guided by the mist rising as a spell is cast from the ocean depths below. A mermaid, entranced, reaches for the feather, feeling its delicate touch. As she holds it, a soothing energy enveloped her, and you. The sea exhales tranquility. In that serene moment, revel in the calming properties of her aquamarine realm with this mermaid’s treasure.

In a magical underwater realm, a mermaid experiences the soothing properties of aquamarine, symbolizing inner peace. The sea's gentle charm, a feather's delicate dance, and the mist's ethereal touch weave a narrative of serenity. This brief tale invites reflection on the beauty of nature and the tranquility found within its enchanting embrace.

Keywords: serenity, clarity, courage, protection, inner peace

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    "This bead is a reminder of my father who loved to play cards of any kind.. also my daughter was addicted to playing hearts! This beadmail 8 of Hearts is so detailed. Great Job OHM!!"

    "Love this third version of the Chi Chi stick. The cute cat face atop the bamboo container is adorable, the outstretched cat paw with fortune — cuteness amplified. Blind bag and different languages for “Luck”. It’s a perfect bead."

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    "OROQ No.5 is a thriller in material and shape. This gorgeous Ruby Zoisite in a sweet 5-petal flower shape is magnificent. The Be Together stone represents harmony, self discovery, meditation, and individuality. Love how different this one is and my bead has a great mix of colour."

    "I was so surprised (in a good way) when I opened up this OROQ beadmail. The cut of the stone is amazing and the one I got is such a beautiful ruby zoisite!! I love OROQ and I feel like it keeps getting better!"

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    "This one came in different colors and I got a very beautiful blue one. I’m happy with it!"

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    "I wasn’t sure when I first saw the red hearts if I liked them or not. When I tried them with some other beads, I began to appreciate them. I really like them now!"

    "Not usually a fan of Rose Quartz, but the cut and quality of this bead is really amazing"

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    "It's a great program for those who loves the experience to being surprised."

    "The aptly name Brumal Fantasy, GOTM No.15, is the perfect bead for November. Breathtaking is the adjective that comes to mind as I look at my mesmerizing, crystal clear, triangular shaped glass bead. Every angle offers an exquisite view of beautiful, wintry colours peppered with silver sparkle. A stunning bead I will use often. Delighted!"
    "Beadmail No.20 was a thrill to open! I love really detailed silver beads and this Time Sleigh has so much to admire. It has a steampunk feel, full of pipes, bolts, & other design elements. As someone who desperately hopes to find a vintage Sugar Sleigh bead, this one makes me very happy. Perfect for holiday bracelets or time traveler stylings."

    "Love the colors of this glass! It pairs well with so many of my ohm glass!"

    "Great program. I enjoy the new bead each month."

    "I like the concept of OHM rock of the quarter. I must admit I saw much more beautiful ones in social media. Mine has not so much contrast and color in the stone. But that’s the game of blind bags. I like it anyway."

    "5 stars +++++ One of the MOST beautiful glass beads in my collection! Just the dreamiest design; mesmerizing in every way! Phenomenal colour and complexity. Love!"

    "My favorite beadmail yet! This is a creative and fun design! She’s perfect for fall! The details on this kitty are phenomenal! I’ve been wearing her constantly!"

    "Love the creativity of this design."

    "Love Beadmail 16. It ‘s the perfect bead for my travel bracelet and represents a recent family trip."

    "Fantastic design for the hot summer. Swirls of light blue and white make me think of clouds, and waves with whitecaps. The ideal glass for hot weather stylings or stacks of blue. A great glass to receive from a fun blind bag subscription. Delighted!"

    "I couldn't wait to get my first OROQ and was extra excited to know it would be a Tiger's Eye stone. At first I thought mine was a little dark but then...when I moved into the light, Carol Ann, oh...my...goodness!!! I think I got the best one ever!!! This is a spectacular stone, beautiful facets, and magnificent colouring! I am thrilled!!! The variation in the golden brown stone is incredible and dreamy! Fantastic!"

    "I love all the Glass of the month beads, of course some of them more than others 😉 this one is really nice even if it’s not a 100 percent bead for me. But that’s the joy of surprise beads!"

    "Lindo. Maravilhoso. Perfeito."

    "I adore this GOTM! Such delicious colours swirled together like a Pucci dress. Donut shape is fun. I was really happy when I opened the box! Well done!"

    "I have enjoyed the first year as an OG Beadmail Early Adopter. It has been full of wonderful surprises and lots of fun. I am looking forward to what the next year brings!"

    "I love getting a surprise beadmail each month. Plus, sharing in the surprise and anticipation of the reveal with other beadmail subscribers is half the fun. Some of the designs have absolutely blown me away and I would have been heartbroken to miss out on them."

    "It’s a cool concept! I do love that so much thought is put into making the beads. I love the backstories and learning."

    "It is fun receiving a special surprise in the mail each month! As an adult, it is hard to have that little kid at Christmas feeling and this program gives me that feeling."