"Celebrating OHM's 15th year, my journey spans over 12 years alongside this remarkable brand. As we chase brand goals, innovation is our constant companion – birthing fresh creations, dreaming big and embracing new horizons. This rapid evolution teaches me to adapt, to evolve in tandem, as the currents of progress surge around us.

As much as I love OHM, there are times when it just takes over, encircling my personal haven and inner calm. To safeguard my sanity, I find solace in art, watercolors is my medium of choice, a gentle tide of tranquility amidst the rush. I am sharing one of my favorite pieces, I created it quickly to combat my anxiety after one of the OHM meetings, and it was meant to be a gift to Kit but it's still with me 2 years later...

So my question to you is - what anchors YOU in the swirl of daily life? Is it meditation's serenity, the canvas of your craft, the odyssey of travel, the rhythm of sports or something else? How do YOU preserve your essence, your sanity, your 'YOU'?"

~ @jennyatohm

OHM: In a bustling world of jewelry creation and community building, OHM has found a true gem in Jenya, whose multifaceted personality shines through her role as one of the pillars of the OHM core. Customers and coworkers alike have described Jenya in one word: "Beautiful," "Love," "Smile," "Water," and "her presence is truly felt in every interaction." As we delve into Jenya's contributions to OHM, we will highlight her exceptional teamwork, communication style, leadership skills, and surprising talents that make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Jenya's commitment to supporting her colleagues is a cornerstone of her personality. "She is always there when l need." Time and again, she has demonstrated her unwavering support, being there for her coworkers when needed. Whether it's answering questions or covering for a colleague on a well earned vacation, Jenya has proven to be a reliable and dedicated team player. And she knows we've got her back when it's time for her to galavant.

One striking example of her collaborative efforts is her partnership with a coworkers developing a well-coordinated system to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently. Her teamwork not only fosters a harmonious work environment but also ensures the smooth functioning of OHM.

Jenya's communication style can be described as direct and straightforward, never wasting time to get to the point. Honesty is at the core of her interactions, and she speaks her mind fearlessly, unafraid of the consequences. Colleagues admire her for this trait, as it helps create an environment of openness and sincerity. Friendly and approachable, Jenya's communication style leaves a lasting impression on those she interacts with, making her a well-liked and respected member of the OHM team.

The qualities that make Jenya a true asset to the OHM team are her "commitment," "loyalty," and "directness." Her passion for crafting unique jewelry pieces bring her touch of artistry OHM. Beyond her dedication to OHM, she is also known for her trustworthy nature, making her an invaluable resource in various aspects of the business. "Direct. No wasting time." Her leadership contributions, such as leading the OHM Studio 2Go and Fund Me projects, have played a crucial role in the brand's growth and success.

Beyond her work at OHM, Jenya possesses a surprising talent for scuba diving, which reflects her relentless and adventurous nature. This hobby showcases her ability to push boundaries and remain determined in achieving her goals. In her free time, she embraces the challenges of the underwater world, both on and off the page as a talented watercolorist. 

If Jenya were a beverage, she would be a delightful symphony of flavors, just like the responses from her colleagues. "Like a comforting cup of hot chocolate, she warms our souls with her genuine kindness and nurturing nature." "She's as refreshing as a cool pepsi, sweetening the atmosphere with her presence." "The essence of a butter cake, Jenya is mellow, approachable, and brings goodness to every interaction." "A cappuccino personified, she exudes strength and boldness, yet maintains a sweetness that brightens everyone's day." "Like a sophisticated gin and tonic, Jenya adds a touch of elegance and class to every aspect of OHM's journey."

Jenya's multifaceted nature adds a touch of brilliance to the OHM team. Her exceptional teamwork, direct communication style, and leadership skills create a thriving and supportive work environment. Beyond her dedication to OHM, Jenya's surprising talents, like scuba diving, show her relentless spirit. Like a cup of hot chocolate, she brings warmth and comfort to those around her. As OHM continues to flourish, Jenya's contributions will undoubtedly remain a significant part of the brand's success

Jenya's favorite coffee is the one she doesn't have to make herself. 

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    We love Jenya! I have admired her since Day 1 of my OHM journey, for her artistic abilities and her vulnerable fearlessness…yes, a contradiction, because she’s as real as it comes. Total sweet badass, too!


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