OHM First February 2024

Happy February OHMily,

It’s all about LOVE this month! Use #OHMLOVE when sharing your designs online. 

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and the end of the Gift-With-Purchase promotion. Beaver Loves Wood did sell out at OHM HQ, and won’t be back so we’ve been offering the cutest TOOTHY as a replacement these last few weeks and you love him. Offer ends Friday!

Speaking of Groundhog’s Day, a special early Happy Birthday to our dear Ash whose family has recently grown one bead junkie more. Follow @beadunkieash on Instagram to stay abreast of updates and to send some of your love. 

As the lunar new year draws near, OHM in China is poised to embrace the festivities. Launching for 2024, we've unfurled OHM ONE CN membership, a beacon for regular enthusiasts far and wide. OHMily is excited, as many have already joined. Our aspiration is to expand, inviting myriad new souls to the OHM fold, to revel in the harmony and creativity that bind us.

Mardi Gras is just around the corner, so we’re celebrating beads all February long. Buy select OHM glass and receive a FREE OHM Blind Bag glass. Offer STARTS Saturday February 3rd, and end the 4th of March, or while supplies last. Offer varies by location. 

OHM in Europe has a digital haven on WhatsApp, a welcoming beacon for your requests, at any hour. Contact WhatsApp +45 31773380 INS ohm_eu_qair. We invite you to dive into the world of beads via video, where your favorites await discovery. If you're eager to select your cherished beads through video, please feel free to reach out! Or, send us an email detailing your preferred colors, and we'll strive to fulfill your wishes.

We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year this month, officially on February 10th the Year of the Dragon begins!

OHM in Thailand’s path has two new forks in the road this month. If our paths cross through Bangkok, we warmly invite you to join us in Bangna on February 2nd, and in Central Eastville on the heartfelt occasion of Valentine's Day, February 14th. Discover exclusive promotions, available in store and all month long. Reach out on LINE.

Later in the month things start to turn green. March's release of new glass is just around the corner with the official preview on the 27th of February. And don’t forget about February 29th, it’s happening this year. Fan of the silver screen? Embrace OHM Fund Me with, Movie Night & Be Kind. Follow @elinalukas. There are secrets to be revealed!

But first, OHM is here to captivate hearts with the February 2024 release, available NOW. This collection is a kaleidoscope of emotions, painting a vivid tableau with pinks, purples, and surprising greens. The spotlight shines on LOVE BIRDS, a design that embodies the spirit of connection and affection. Connect, love, and grow together with OHM. 

Additionally, the collection features community-inspired creations like HUGGIE (original submission) and SWEET DREAMS (original submission), born from the creative fervor of BEADMAS 2022. Prepare for a delightful twist with the EPICUREAN EGGPLANT blind bag, an invitation to the joy of unexpected discoveries.

In this month’s release, OHM delves deep into the essence of home, nature, and togetherness. It's a journey through a metaphorical garden, highlighting the simple yet profound connections between us and the earth. The collection reflects these themes through a series of intricately designed beads, each telling a story of unity, balance, and the beauty of life's cycles.

The INTERACTIVE OPPOSITES celebrate the beauty in contrast, weaving together disparate elements in a dance that highlights their interdependence and the exquisite beauty that arises from their interplay.  

MOTTLED MAUVE reflects the journey through life's trials, its varied hues representing the strength and resilience that emerge from facing challenges head-on. PETAL PINK whispers of innocence and calm, its soft blush a gentle reminder to pause and savor the present moment, finding beauty in the simplicity of being.  

The RIVER OF THOUGHTS bead mirrors the endless flow of the mind, its constant movement reflecting the ever-changing landscape of our thoughts and the grace with which we navigate them. SWIRLING MINDS encapsulates the beauty of collaboration and the harmony that arises from the confluence of diverse ideas, celebrating the unity and balance that come from such convergence.

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