OHM First June 2024

Darlings, grab your glitteriest garb and throw on your fiercest outfit, because this Summer is about to sashay into your life with all the sparkle and fabulousness you've ever dreamed of!!

Summer is just a few cycles away, but Tomte Love is mere days, new release drops Tuesday. OHMananta soft launched last month with a line of Permanent Jewelry. Follow along at @ohmananta

With the blasting heat coming a new set of OHM Retirements are on the horizon. As we bid a fabulous farewell to these icons, remember: like any OHM diva, they’re retiring but will never be forgotten. Full tea below. Work.

OHM Australia Retirement Sale happening next week! The OHM offices in Australia will be closed for “maintenance” in July, so visit OHM AU starting Tuesday for discounts on currently retired designs. 

Join us for OHM Live together (most) Friday’s at 12pm Seattle time, and (especially) Friday June 21st for International Yoga Day as Riane joins Karla at OHM Bead Therapy with some get fit where you sit or stand! Live at 12 noon Seattle time on 21 June @ohmbeadstherapy and @rianemsussman. ← Follow and turn on notifications. 

Before that though, coming with the start of the Strawberry Moon stay tuned for some games and giveaways on June 7th as we celebrate the annual OHM Gnome Festival. Watch socials for contest entries #OhmGnome!

New Release arrives on Tuesday, June 4th.  

In the wanderlust whispers of a WALK ABOUT, paths are forged, steps turn into stories, each crack of twig and bend of bough a soliloquy. Beneath the canopy of dreams, TOMTE LOVE wanders, a beacon of affection in a world where each heart glows, bridging SOLAR DISTANCE. SWIM BACK, dive deep into origins, find beginnings where sunbeams silently span the riverbank as well as the cosmos. SKY NETWORK’s starry threads bind us, a tapestry woven as we RADIATE LIGHT, casting bright encounters like stars across our personal cosmos. MAGIC WARDROBE opens, a door to unseen worlds, while IVORY DREAMS sink, rise, and renew in the ocean’s embrace. In GNOME HOUSE, tiny dreams burgeon, thriving in the joy of simplicity. All these threads, these lives and journeys, converge and diverge this Summer and forever more, dancing with the BREATH OF SUN, entwining in a tale as ancient as light, as fresh as a dawning day. 

June’s Beadmail will be on its way shortly!

Watch your tracking numbers next week. Full reveal on the 16th.

A fusion as boundless as the cosmos itself. Dance gracefully through space, circling the age-old wonder: 'Is anyone out there?' Represent our growing awareness, a cosmic call rippling across the universe. As we evolve, so does our desire to explore beyond the known, sparking dialogues that stretch across galaxies. Are we prepared to embrace the unknown, to ignite our shared cosmic consciousness? Interstellar connection isn't just a convergence of worlds; it's an ongoing odyssey of comprehension, a celebration of our expanding influence in the ceaseless pursuit of intergalactic truths.

In Ohmbeadia, a well-worn path awaits you, as you step onto this trail, your eagerness to uncover its secrets is palpable. Together with fellow explorers, you embark with curiosity and unwavering determination. Although countless have trodden this path before, your journey is destined to be uniquely your own.

You venture forth, your spirits intertwined with your companions, unlocking the mysteries that beckon. Guided by the signs from the past, you come to understand that true discovery lies deep within. Each passing day strengthens your connections, allowing your individual brilliance to shine ever brighter. Laughter and challenges alike shape your destiny.

While others may extend a helping hand along the way, you know that the true essence of this journey resides within your own heart and soul. With an open mind and unwavering determination, you will carve a path of your own, leaving your own indelible marks for future travelers to follow.

These bright minds, including your own, will continue to illuminate the world, serving as a reminder that the most profound adventure one can undertake is the journey of self-discovery.

Retirements effective July 1st, 2024.

This indicates an item that is no longer being manufactured. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good. Stock may be reallocated between OHM warehouses around the globe from time to time, so items may reappear, however the SKU is no longer in production and is not being regularly restocked.


BGL004 Twisted Bangle (L-XS)
BGL004B Dirty Twist (L-XS)
WHT02305 Mustard OHM Whip Bracelet
WHT02306 Red OHM Whip Bracelet


AAA129 Year Of The Rat
AAA140 Body And Soul
AAA146 Year Of The Ox
AAA148 Crikey The Croc
AAA150 Cocky
AAE120 Monkey Fist
AAJ001 Alot
AAJ002 Barbacue
AAJ003 Ceasar
AAJ004 Dissapoint
AAJ005 Ecstacy
AAJ006 Fettucini
AAJ007 Glamourous
AAJ008 Humourous
AAJ009 Irresistable
AAJ010 Jewlery
AAJ011 Knowlege
AAJ012 Lollypop
AAJ013 Millenium
AAJ014 Neandertal
AAJ015 Omlette
AAJ016 Portugese
AAJ017 Quicky
AAJ018 Religous
AAJ019 Sandwhich
AAJ020 Truely
AAJ021 Unfortunatly
AAJ022 Vegitarian
AAJ023 Wierd
AAJ024 Xygoma
AAJ025 Youre
AAJ026 Zuchini
AAJ027 Exlumation
AAJ028 Too
AAJ029 Heshtag
AAJ030 Dolar
AAJ031 Purcent
AAJ032 Carrot
AAJ033 Ampursand
AAJ034 Asstericks
AAJ035 Nien
AAJ036 Ziro
AAJ037 Hyfen
AAJ038 Ecuals
AAJ039 Colun
AAJ040 Cumma
AAJ041 Pierod
AAJ042 Backslush
AAN315 Aussie Love
AAP060 Time Machine
AAP072 Paws Of Love
AAR404 Victoriargh
AAX114 Bunyip
AAX138 The Fear
AAX142 Healing CE


AMG219 Spacious Skies
AMG220 Above The Plains
AMG221 Mountain Majesties
AMG262 Strung Together
AMG225 Lake Baikal
AMG228 Python Master
AMG229 Knight Leopard
AMG230 From The Depths
AMG237 Primordial Hope
AMG238 Every Night Beneath You
AMG242 In Between You
AMG60001 Sage
AMG60002 Ape
AMG60003 Sour
AMG60004 Mist
AMG60005 Pez
AMG60006 Deep
AMG60007 Koi
AMG60008 Sun
AMG60009 Lawn
AMG60010 Path
AMG60012 Fall
AMG60013 Mow
AMG60014 Plant
AMG60015 Drop
AMG60016 Bark
AMG60019 Fog
AMG60023 Key
AMG60024 Hole
AMG60032 Slim Lime
AMG60033 Slim Orange 

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