OHM First May 2024

As we welcome the vibrant vibes of May, we reflect gratefully on the joys that blossomed in April. Thank you for being a part of our journey, continuing to OHM with us through each exciting release and community celebration.

Today Marks Global Love Day!
Embrace the spirit of unity and affection that surrounds us, and let's spread the OHM love worldwide.

Fresh from OHM: New Releases!
Did you catch the stunning new beads that dropped yesterday? They’re waiting to be a part of your next morning play time.

Special Reminder for U.S. OHMies: Mother's Day (May 12th)
There’s still time to find the perfect OHM gift for the incredible mothers in your life. Celebrate their strength and love with something truly special from our collection.

Introducing Our Weekly Promotions for May
Stay tuned each week as we unveil exclusive deals and delightful surprises just for you!

May Flower Promo: Now Through May 6th
Immerse yourself in the beauty of blooms with our May Flower collection, and celebrate spring in style.

Rising Soon: The Flower Moon (May 7th)
Prepare for the magical time of the Flower Moon—let it illuminate your OHM creations.

OHM + Family: Coming Up on May 14th
This month, we celebrate the bonds that define us. Look forward to our OHM + Family event, capturing the essence of home and heart.

Memorial Day Weekend (Starting May 21st)
An ideal time for reflection and remembrance. Honor the memories with beads that tell your personal story of gratitude and respect.

Back by Popular Demand: Hidden Magic
Just in time for Beltane, we’ve restocked the beloved HIDDEN MAGIC beads. Seize the enchantment!

Sneak Peek: What’s Coming in June
Mark your calendars for May 28th! We’ll give you an exclusive glimpse of the wonders June holds.

OHM ONE Members
Remember to check your emails for your monthly $5 OFF coupon, part of your $60 annual savings. Not an OHM ONE Member yet? Join us to start enjoying these perks and more!

Exciting Updates and New OHMbucks Rewards
Visit our updated OHMbucks rewards page to discover all the new ways you can earn and spend your OHMbucks.

Looking Ahead: OHM in AUGUST
Save the date for our thrilling event in Thailand on August 10th and 11th. Whether joining us in person or virtually, secure your event bead and exclusive swag bag by registering soon.

Stay Tuned for June's Retirement Announcement
We’re bidding farewell to some of our beloved classics. Don’t miss your last chance to add these treasures to your collection.

Thank you for continuing to inspire and be inspired. OHM with us into May, a month of celebration, appreciation, and the magic of connection.

May's Beadmail is on the way. Original Beadmail No. 38 & Glass of the Month No. 38

The inspiration for this month’s silver Beadmail came to Emily, known as “fashionstoryteller” on Instagram and Youtube, after playing with her dog, Alice Haenim. It had been a very stressful week of drama. Emily was done with it. She came home, made a cup of tea, and went to play with Alice, who ironically brought over her toy to play with. It was a gift from fellow bead collector, @myprettycharmedlife (inspired by an inside joke between friends). Alice tackled the toy and made Emily laugh.

At the opportune moment, when it all feels like too much, she hopes this bead will remind others to relax, make a cup of tea and cherish the small moments.

Elevate your style, brighten your space, or savor the sweetness of any unique creation. Dive into a world where beauty meets brilliance, where we unite to enchant your senses and elevate your everyday.

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