OHM Giving - OHM Good To Go No. 2

OHM Giving - OHM Good To Go No. 2

Joy Promma Konngern, OHM Lead Wax Carver always gives back to his community. Every year he organizes a school art supply drive at his hometown. In addition to art supplies, this year he wanted to give the kids and his school what they need the most.

He recently visited his childhood school in the rural hometown. This visit brought back a lot of memories. He talked to the school principal and learned that their sports equipment has really run down, the kids don't have enough balls to play. The class room equipment is lacking which affects how the kids can learn in class. And there is not enough drinking water station for the kids.

This year we want to invite you to help us raise $1,000 to fund the purchase of sporting goods, classroom equipment, and drinking water filtration system for the school.

List of sporting goods:

  • 12 soccer balls
  • 12 futsal balls
  • 12 volleyballs
  • 12 takraw balls
  • 2 soccer nets
  • 2 futsal nets
  • 2 volleyball nets
  • 2 takraw nets
  • 2 ball pumps

List of classroom equipments:

  • Projector
  • Projector screen



February 14, 2023

OHM Good To Go No. 2 by Joy@OHM

I am one of the staff at OHM, the company that I feel like an extension of my family -OHMily. I had an opportunity to be an OHM representative to give back and deliver happiness to the community. My boss, Kit asked me to lead the project this year. One place that I always think of is my hometown elementary school in Northeastern Thailand. It reminds me of my childhood, good times, bad times, and the joy and happiness that I had when I was there. I wanted to see how much it has changed since I was there and to see the children’s wellbeing.

I asked the teachers and the principal there to find out what was in need. They wanted sporting goods, a clean water system, and some classroom equipment. I started looking for suppliers and worked on the budget. We needed about 49,000 baht (1,450 USD) to purchase those things including transportation. Kit wanted everyone to be part of this fundraising #OHMgiving. We reached our goal thanks to the generosity of OHMily ie. OHM customers, fans, co-workers, friends, and family. I went out to buy everything on the list including snacks for the children and loaded all in a pickup truck.

We left Bangkok on the night of December 20, 2022. We were tired but filled with excitement. We arrived at the school at dawn, it took us about 10 hours. The local villagers helped us pack snacks for the kids, everyone had fun helping each other. 

That day was also the school sports day. The kids were very excited to receive brand-new sporting goods and snacks.

The water filter system installation was also done on the same day. 

The day was filled with happiness and joy but the highlight of the day for the kids was having delicious ice cream at the school.

The kids and teachers are grateful for your help and support. They sent me photos of their classes with thank-you messages to OHMily. I personally can’t thank you all enough for making Good To Go No. 2 campaign successful and a heartfelt experience for all of us at OHM.



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