OHM Giving - OHM Good To Go No. 3

OHM Giving - OHM Good To Go No. 3

At OHM, giving back is not just a project; it's our heartbeat. Led by our amazing General Manager, Nun, the OHM Good To Go No.3 initiative embarked on its third-year mission to make a difference. This time, our goal was clear: raise $2,000 for Sudthasinee Wanaram Temple Border Patrol Police Elementary School in Kanchanaburi Province, near the Thailand-Myanmar border.

This humble school, with 118 students and 10 dedicated teachers, faced challenges most of us can't fathom. Lack of basic necessities like food, class materials, and clean restrooms was a daily struggle. But with the power of generosity, we set out to change that narrative.

With your incredible support, we turned your donations into tangible smiles. Over $1,000 poured in from our cherished customers globally, making a significant impact. The OHM ethos of giving and community shone through as we used the funds to provide food, groceries, gas stoves, sports equipment, toiletries, and more.

On September 13, 2023, our team assembled at 8 AM, loaded with essentials. The journey was filled with muddy roads and rain, but nothing could dampen our spirits.


Arriving at 4 PM, we were greeted by the heartwarming sight of eager students and their furry friends. Tents went up, and some of us even camped out in classrooms to be closer to the experience.


As we explored the school, we discovered areas in need of repair and witnessed the resilience of students, especially those from the Karen tribe in remote areas. These children, living at the school, showcased their culinary skills at dinner. Your donation of gas stoves replaced worn-out ones, ensuring immediate use.



Dinner with the students was a revelation – incredible food prepared by these amazing kids. After cleaning up, we gathered in the dining hall, distributing essential items to those who called the school home.



The next morning, we rose at 6 AM and began preparing breakfast for the children. As we cooked, the students started their morning routines, which involved brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and even taking on the task of sweeping the classroom floors.



Our team started serving a hearty spread of breakfast, snacks, drinks, and desserts. We took extra care to ensure there was enough food to go around for everyone.


Local students, residing with their parents, arrived using various modes of transportation—cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and some on foot. Due to the overnight rain, many students opted to stay home as commuting became challenging. Those who did attend engaged in playful activities in front of their classrooms or sought shelter in the covered dining hall.


By 8 AM, all the students assembled in front of their classrooms for the national anthem.


Following that, we gathered everyone around the dining hall area, where the principal introduced us to the students. Distributing the items we brought, we initiated various activities. Every participant had a chance to join in and win prizes. Despite half of the students being absent, we had an abundance of food, leading to an extra-special feast for everyone.


The experience was a delightful blend of joy and exhaustion. Taking a break, I sat down, and a group of lively younger kids approached, adorning my arm with stickers they had received. Curious, I asked them to teach me how to count in Burmese. We shared laughter and had an incredible time together. Witnessing the children simply being kids, playing with whatever toys they had or could find, without the distraction of cellphones or social media, brought immense happiness.



A few students guided our team on a tour of the school, showcasing their farming areas and living spaces. Despite the simplicity of their lives, it's evident that they lead a content and joyful existence. It stands in stark contrast to the superficially appealing but often complicated life in the bustling big city.


Amidst non-stop feeding, the day wrapped up with goodbyes, shared photos, and memories. This brief but impactful journey was made possible by your generosity. We want to express our deepest gratitude for your donations, as they fueled not just a trip but an unforgettable experience shared with you. Together, we continue to spread joy and make a difference. <3


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