OHM April 2024

OHM April 2024

Available 2 April 2024

Presenting OHM's April 2024 collection, a seamless blend of artistry and symbolism that breaks through boundaries. Embark on a captivating journey through varied elements—Silver, Stone, and Glass, now featuring a special new glass format. This exquisite collection becomes available on April 2, 2024, with a full preview on March 26.

Notably, "Year of the Dragon-y" aligns with celestial forces in a rare total solar eclipse, embodying themes of transformation and renewal. Each piece this month is a tangible poetic narrative in physical form, from the enchanting "Reaching the Edge" amid orchard's golden grace to the thought-provoking choices presented in "Corners of Chaos." OHM's April 2024 collection stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to crafting jewelry that is both meaningful and evocative, resonating with the essence of life's intricate path.


In the Dragon's year, a total solar eclipse heralds transformation and renewal, amplifying the Dragon's potent energy for significant change and growth. This celestial alignment invites profound personal and spiritual evolution, encouraging the shedding of past confines for new insights and directions. It's a time rich in ancient symbolism and cosmic power, urging us to embrace the Dragon's wisdom and the eclipse's transformative potential. The YEAR OF THE DRAGON-Y, a talisman for this journey, is best paired with an OHM S Clasp bracelet, marking a path toward renewed purpose and vitality in this remarkable year.

GAR239 Year of the Dragon-y (CNY) (US$110/€116.00/฿4,200/A$154/VND2,840,000)


The fifth chakra is the throat chakra -- called Visuddha in Sanskrit -- and physically it is associated with the thyroid, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx; but spiritually the fifth chakra is all about self-expression and speaking your truth. When this chakra is open and balanced, you are able to fully listen as well as speak and express yourself clearly.

When your Visuddha is blocked, you are likely to swallow your feelings, harbor resentments, and speak critically and harshly of others. Release this chakra and sing! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your mouth must be the doorway. We take in nourishment and pleasure through our mouth -- You are what you eat -- and through THE GATEWAY of the mouth, our words, thoughts, and feelings spill outward to affect and alter our world. The element associated with this chakra is infinity and its color is light blue like the limitless sky.

GAR058 The Gateway (Karma) (US$100/€105.00/฿3,800/A$140/VND2,590,000)

Wisdom's silent stream,
truth widens with each sunrise,
blossoms in stillness.

In the hush of dawn, the tea party unfolds beneath the whispering willows. Ephemeral mists caress the garden lawns, as cups of steaming elixir echo wisdom's silent stream. Each pour, a gentle sermon; each sip, an unveiling. Here, amid the verdant calm, Truth, once a narrow brook, broadens with the sun’s ascent. Words, soft and deliberate, weave through the air, carrying secrets that bloom in the air. This congregation, a tapestry of souls, finds solace in the shared silence, their truths unfurling like petals, basking in the morning's tender light. In stillness, they find their reflections deepened, their bonds widened.

AMG257 Widening Truth (New wide shape) (US$75/€79.00/฿2,900/A$105/VND1,940,000)

FOG OF MEMORY, a chalcedony gem, beckons you into a realm of tranquility and introspection. This ethereal piece, with its soothing hues of mist and cloud, encapsulates the essence of calm and balance. Crafted from the heart of the earth, FOG OF MEMORY is a nurturing beacon, drawing in and transmuting negative energies into a whisper of goodwill and harmony.

ORK028 Fog of Memory (Chalcedony) (US$125/€132.00/฿4,700/A$175/VND3,230,000)

In the temple of the self, boundaries set in sacred code,
A hymn to autonomy, a tale of paths untold.
Skin, a boundary's canvas, whispers consent in silence,
In the dance of understanding, an unspoken alliance.

Permission lies in subtlety, the language of the eyes,
A gaze that seeks affirmation, where trust and truth ties.
Unwritten verses in the air, a tacit understanding,
Boundaries set in softness, a delicate commanding.

Respect, the quiet architect, builds walls of empathy,
In the realm of consent, where hearts find amnesty.
Implied, not spoken, yet the message strong and clear,
Boundaries set, a sanctuary, where dignity draws near.

AMG124 Boundaries Set (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

In the labyrinth of existence, choices bloom like wildflowers,
where life weaves its intricate powers.
Echoes in the heart's silent call,
A dance with destiny, seeking the edges of the fall.

Left or right, a crossroads unkind,
The mind's maze, a puzzle to unwind.
In the corners of chaos, where clarity seems lost,
Choices carve a path, an uncertain cost.

Delineation blurs in the twilight of decision,
A canvas painted with the hues of indecision.
To grasp the rabbit hole, the essence of the soul,
Navigate the chaos, make fragments whole.

In the corners where chaos and order entwine,
Binary choices, threads in the fabric of time.
Embrace the dance, find beauty in the strife,
Corners of chaos, the tapestry of life.

AMG152 Corners of Chaos (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

Within the chambers of the mind, whispers of introspection,
Deeper thoughts arise, an inner soul's connection.
Conversations in the silence, where truths quietly reside,
A dialogue profound, in the caverns where confessions hide.

Digging beneath the surface, past the echoes of the day,
Unearthing treasures of the self, where authenticity holds sway.
Permission granted to explore, to question, to unfold,
In the symphony of self-talk, a narrative to be told.

Embrace the introspective journey, let the dialogue unfold,
Deeper thoughts, a river of wisdom, a story to be scrolled.
In the quiet contemplation, find the gems beneath the debris,
For in the excavation of self, discover the truth that sets you free.

AMG171 Deeper Thoughts (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

In the orchard's golden grace, a banana's tale unfolds,
A dance of yellow to gold, a story to be told.
Silent whispers on the breeze, secrets in the sun,
Nature's artistry at play, a ripening begun.

From flora nature’s hue to amber blush, the journey swiftly weaves,
A tactile map of ripeness, the touch that one believes.
No longer firm, but yielding soft, beneath your gentle thumb,
The moment whispers softly, the perfect ripeness come.

Reaching the edge of nature's script, a banana's sweetest stage,
A symphony of flavors, written on the ripened page.

AMG115 Reaching The Edge (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)




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