OHM August 2023

OHM August 2023

Available August 1st OHM Worldwide

As we celebrate our 15th OHMversary, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of OHMily who have stood with us, believing in the vision of OHM and supporting our messy endeavors. RED VELVET celebrates this appreciation, a symbol of the rich relationships we have cultivated and the lasting impact we strive to make.


AMG247 Red Herring 
AMG248 Red Hot Mess 
GAR112 Red Velvet

A splendid enamel heart, with the smooth richness of red velvet, this piece symbolizes the depth and sweetness of our journey over the past 15 years.

Join us in raising a toast to 15 years of success, innovation, and boundless possibilities. With bead in hand, let's continue our journey, guided by our shared values, and inspired by the limitless potential that lies ahead. Here's to the past, the present, and an exciting future filled with even more remarkable milestones. Together, we will continue to make life colorful, vibrant, and oh-so-sweet. Cheers to the next 15 years and beyond!


AMG250 Union Guilded
AMG249 Hip To Be Gilded 

Join OHM in toasting to 15 years of success, innovation, and an exciting future. Discover the collection's enchanting designs, inspired by the beautiful imperfections of life, and make your journey more vibrant with OHM.

AMG153 Be Wiggly 
AMG154 Be Flakey 
AMG155 Be Scattered 
AMG156 Be Crossed 
AMG157 Be Stripey 

The phrases can be understood as metaphors for expressing one's unique qualities, emotions, and movements without conforming to societal expectations. The messages encourage people to love and accept their bodies, observe and engage with their emotions, not be burdened by past promises, and embrace the freedom to change and move in their own way. Be you, be OHM.

Make promises. Set goals. Start things. Go about your business doing that which pleases and fuels you. Don't let promises made by your past self burden your present self. Don't let the judgements of others dictate your path.

Embrace yourself, be free, express yourself, embrace your individuality, love your body, live authentically, no apologies, own your path, joyful living, embrace change, celebrate uniqueness. Be you, be OHM.

Space Collection

Dive into infinite space with SPACEY and feel the eternal connection to the universe. Make wishes upon shooting stars with the enchanting METEOR SHOWER. Embrace the mystical influences of Neptune with NEPTUNE NAIAD. And express boundless love with LUNA 3.0 and ATOMIC 2.0, celebrating unity and interconnectedness. Let your dreams take flight and your imagination soar with OHM's cosmic creations!

AAX137 Neptune Naiad
GAR109 Meteor Shower 
GAR107 Spacey 
GAR105 Atomic 2.0 
GAR106 Luna 3.0

Space, the vast expanse that extends beyond our earthly realm, captivates the human imagination like no other. It is a boundless canvas of infinite possibilities, where celestial bodies gracefully dance in harmony, and enigmatic mysteries abound. Amidst this cosmic symphony, shooting stars streak across the night sky, illuminating our dreams and filling us with a sense of awe and wonder. These fleeting celestial travelers serve as a poignant reminder of the ephemeral nature of life and the infinite vastness of the universe.
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