OHM February 2024

OHM February 2024

Available 30 January 2024 OHM Worldwide

Embrace the enchanting spectrum of OHM's February 2024 collection, a symphony of pinks and purple dance with hidden hints of green, and perhaps a pop of red if you are so lucky. This release, a visual feast with focus on this LOVE BIRDS design. Stealing the spotlight though, is the community-contributed masterpiece, HUGGIE and SWEET DREAMS, emerging as some of the 12 original FUND ME designs that were conceived and designed during BEADMAS 2022. 

An added element of surprise, this EPICUREAN EGGPLANT blind bag item has us simply salivating. We again invite OHMily to experience the thrill of the unveiling. A sealed blind bag will reveal one of several colorway.

In the heart of a home, where time seems to slow down, there exists a garden. A haven of vibrant life and earthy aromas, where hands tenderly sow seeds into fertile soil.

The soil embraces with a gentle warmth, promising a bountiful harvest in return for the care bestowed upon it. Vegetables sprout from the ground, their roots entwining with the essence of the earth. As the sun kisses the leaves, it paints a vivid mosaic of greens, whites, reds, and pale hues, creating a palette that mirrors the diversity of life.

Laughter echoes through the air as chosen family gathers together, sharing stories over meals enriched with the essence of the earth. The connection between the soil and the sustenance it provides fosters a deep appreciation for the simple yet profound cycle of life.

A peculiar plant thrives – the eggplant. Its allure lies not only in its versatile taste but also in its epicurean aesthetics. Shades of deep purple and velvety violet may adorn its elongated form, reminiscent of a regal robe. Some bear the mark of an artist's brush.

Crack open the canvas to unveil a tender and creamy interior, ready to absorb the flavors of the culinary creations it will soon become a part of. The eggplant, a muse for those who appreciate them.

A pair of baubles hang from a vine, swaying gently in the breeze. These orbs, as two peas in a pod, symbolize the harmony that exists when elements find their perfect match. The balanced dance of all your baubles echoes the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Share stories of unity, of finding balance in a world that is chaotic. Let the lessons from the land resonate – that life, like a thriving garden, flourishes when nurtured with care and embraced in the company of a buddy or two. And so, under the celestial canopy, stay grounded in the simple joys of tending to the earth and each other.

GAR215 Epicurean Eggplant (Blind Bag) (US$80/€84.00/฿3,000/A$112/VND2,070,000)

An affirmation of love, weaving a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries. Picture a tapestry where MOTTLED MAUVE's resilience meets the fluidity of INTERACTIVE OPPOSITES, creating an intricate dance of colors that embodies the essence of unconditional love. The SWIRLING MINDS contribute their unity, forming an inseparable bond between the two birds. Along the RIVER OF THOUGHTS, they navigate the continuous flow of emotions, like bubbles on the surface of a serene pond. The PETAL PINK hue gently whispers of tenderness, mirroring the soft moments shared between these lovebirds. SWEET DREAMS envelops them in a dreamy twilight, and the EPICUREAN EGGPLANT echoes their refined enjoyment of each other's company. Together, LOVE BIRDS becomes a harmonious celebration of love's diverse expressions, a symbol that transcends gender and embraces the beauty of connection.

GAR040 Love Birds (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

Meet HUGGIE, a pre-loved bear and the heartwarming star of OHM's enchanting February 2024 collection. Like the inviting warmth of a cherished home, HUGGIE is discovered, nestled comfortably on a barkalounger, wrapped in the soothing embrace of solitude. Picture this delightful scene: HUGGIE, with a steaming cup of your favorite beverage in hand—be it cocoa, coffee, or tea—radiates an aura of self-assurance and joy. This endearing bear embodies the harmonious blend of RIVER OF THOUGHTS and the cozy intimacy of SWEET DREAMS.

With an unassuming charm that speaks directly to the heart, HUGGIE invites you to embrace the art of self-care, encouraging you to find bliss in the tranquil moments of peaceful contemplation. As you add HUGGIE to your collection, you're not just acquiring a bead; you're bringing the spirit of a cherished home into your life—a place where every bead tells a story of comfort and connection. Welcome HUGGIE into your world, and let the journey of warmth and joy begin.

GAR153 Huggie (US$65/€69.00/฿2,500/A$91/VND1,680,000)

Sweet Dreams represents a joint effort in glass bead design, presented as an entry for the Beadmas 2022 design team competition. We crafted a bead resembling a dreamy, otherworldly twilight sky, which holds a concealed luminescence only revealed in the darkness. This design is the result of a collaborative endeavor within the OHMily group, united by a common cause. Proceeds generated will contribute to supporting initiatives aimed at developing effective treatments and potentially finding a cure for individuals grappling with Narcolepsy.

Donate directly to https://www.wakeupnarcolepsy.org/ to show your support.

AMG275 Sweet Dreams (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

INTERACTIVE OPPOSITES represents a seamless blending of components, inviting us to venture into uncharted territories. Instead of limiting ourselves to traditional dichotomies like light and dark, virtue and vice, let's immerse into the profound intricacies that reside at the very essence of existence. Here, the fundamental nature of reality merges into a captivating interplay of consciousness, offering a deeper understanding of our world.

AMG120 Interactive Opposites (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

MOTTLED MAUVE embodies an expedition into the intricate textures of existence. It encapsulates the moment of facing primal instincts: the surge of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn in response to unforeseen peril. A look within mirrors the elegance of gliding through a variegated spectrum of subtle interplay, a choreography that actually repels impending dangers. Let MOTTLED MAUVE guide you through hazardous landscapes, emerging unharmed and enriched, cultivating bravery to supplant fear, and embracing life's trials with a blend of grace and composure.

AMG117 Mottled Mauve (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

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