OHM January 2023

OHM January 2023

Available January 3rd OHM Worldwide.

Every scar represents a person to whom I have given my love. Every patch represents the love I have received. -ISH stoppers are designed to fit OHM BANGLE series and OHM SKINNY BRACELETS.


To bring you good luck, good fortune, and a wonderful series to collect for your bracelet, OHM proudly introduces the Chinese Zodiac animals as masks for the dance! 2022 is the Year of the Rabbit, and this magnificent bunny mask has a movable jaw and a slicked back ears! Reward yourself with this good luck charm and collect all twelve. Something to look forward to!

The lighting of paper lanterns is a regular part of celebrations -- sometimes the lanterns are set adrift on water or launched into the air like helium balloons. There are five distinct classes of Chinese lanterns, including the Tomato Light or Big Red lantern, which is the classic round mid-sized version. After 2021's THE RED LANTERNS was released OHMily asked for more colors! 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and THE LUCKY LANTERNS are poking their heads out of the warren in all kinds of colors! What color lantern will come home with you? THE LUCKY LANTERNS are all sealed blind bags with myriad color options available, color selection not guaranteed! Glass inclusion design varies.

Celebrate your favorite holiday, or whatever occasion, by adding our OHM Exploding Bamboo to your bracelet. This strand of silver firecrackers will jingle and dangle deliciously from your wrist (they won't explode). Spice up your jewelry with movement, sparkle, eye-catching pleasure, and a year of good luck.
EXPLODING BAMBOO (Solid 14k Gold Accent)

Holding and rubbing the knot is said to calm your fears, stress, impatience, and bad temper, bringing a sense of serenity, stability, and mental clarity. Travelers often carry the Mystic Knot as a charm of protection against accidents, thieves, or evil spirits.
MYSTIC KNOT (Solid 14k Gold Accent)


Mercury helps manifest good cognitive skills and better communication. Astrologists suggest that when Mercury is in retrograde, humans are known to experience difficulties with self-expression. Mercury's retrograde is not random, but a necessary resting phase that Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, must go through before springing back to life. The first planet in our solar system may lie in front of the sun to be witnessed in the evening. Occasionally Mercury lags behind the sun and we observe it as a morning star. Mercury reminds us that even though we are strong and capable, it is important to take a break every once in a while. Allow Mercury to be the muse for change in our routines and recharge the fire in our batteries allowing us to shine again and keep on spinning round and round ... never burning out.

Let's start this chapter off on the right foot. The cosmos is a mighty big place no matter how you define it, and we are on this rock hurtling through spacetime together. The patterns found on the biggest scale are also found at the smallest. Each of us is a galaxy of complexity, but even galaxies at the largest scale interact. Turn the page, and see all that we can agree upon. We found common ground. Now, let's find UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING



The tide is low, take the opportunity to explore that which was hidden and now shown. Time is of the essence, water will rise again, soon, don't hesitate to start exploring. Take a step forward to expand your horizons while you still can. Open your mind to the unknown world waiting to be discovered and appreciated. The time is now, don't waste it.

This driftwood cove is the place to be. Or maybe it was the over driftwood cove. No matter, let your cove be your harbor, your personal home away from home, your place of power. Stay a while to gather your thoughts, to come back to your senses. When you find your purpose, your new life will find you. Wear it well.

Take a quiet walk down the beach trail to discover the hidden gem of your inner peace. All knowledge is worth having, and a secret path can unlock a whole new world. Through understanding ourselves, our powers and our limitations, we gain access to persevere in daily existence. Don’t forget your towel.

Tired of your side? Try the other. Feeling stuck? Try the special. You can't expect a new result doing the same thing every time. The most beautiful memories of life are new experiences, courageous decisions, and fearless acceptance of opportunities. Promise yourself to keep going and don't let fear stop you if you crave change.

Black sands are a remnant of the active volcanic nature of our world. The red hot lava sets to black stone as it cools, followed by a gradual wearing down over time to become innumerable tiny particles, smaller and smaller as the moon throws the ocean over them over and over again. Nothing lasts forever in its original form, what was becomes something new. Suns explode, planets burn, and the living keep on living.


Worldwide release. For full preview view the Original Release Preview from the OHM in Thailand event. 



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