OHM January 2024

OHM January 2024

Available 9 January 2024 OHM Worldwide.

Embrace the fun and dance into a fantastic 2024. Everybody do the DRAGON DISCO. 

To jump start the New Year and bring back some energy, the collection includes pieces such as Dragon Disco an articulating Lion Dance head to continue the Chinese New Year collection, Infinite Love-y a new OHM S Clasp bracelet closure, and Dragon Stone, a faceted Bloodstone.

The featured stone in this collection is Bloodstone, known for its protective qualities against negative energies and psychic attacks. The release is accompanied by a profound message emphasizing the enduring power of true love, highlighting its agelessness and boundless nature.

GAR038 Infinite Love-y (US$60/€63.00/฿2,300/A$84/VND1,550,000)

When nothing is left, real love will remain. True love is infinite, it has no age, no limit, no end. When you are in love, you feel invincible, immortal, endless. Strive for infinity, reach for the stars to find the love within and without.

INFINITE LOVE-Y is approximately 2.5cm long. Use an OHM S Clasp bracelet to attach to chain as clasp. View bracelets for size option/chain lengths.


ORK024 Dragon Stone (US$150/€158.00/฿5,700/A$210/VND3,880,000)

Harness your Dragon power now imbued with the extraordinary properties of Bloodstone to amplify your protective shield. Just as the Dragon is known for its strength and resilience, Bloodstone is often considered a protective stone, creating a formidable barrier around the wearer, guarding them from negative energies, harmful influences, and psychic attacks.

Allow Bloodstone to infuse life into your soul. Much like the mythical creature, it acts as a powerful talisman, enabling you to conquer obstacles and fears with unwavering courage and vitality. Moreover, this remarkable gemstone connects you to the Earth's energy, grounding you in the present moment and fostering a sense of balance. It paves the way for inner wisdom and spiritual growth, mirroring the transformative energies of the Year of the Dragon.

The Dragon's intuition and decision-making prowess are yours now, Bloodstone further enhances your own intuitive abilities and sharpens your decision-making skills. This unique power makes it an invaluable companion for those on a quest for deeper self-discovery, guiding you towards a harmonious connection with the universe at this auspicious time.

GAR152 Dragon Disco (US$75/€79.00/฿2,900/A$105/VND1,940,000)

In the vibrant tradition of Chinese dance and symbolic masks, welcome the pulsating rhythm of the DRAGON DISCO. Inspired by the revered Chinese New Year lion dances and the beautifully adorned Zodiac animal masks, this latest creation embodies the energy and vitality of the mythical Dragon in a spirited and celebratory form.

Drawing from the legacy of these dances steeped in history and cultural significance, DRAGON DISCO is an homage to the essence of the dragon, a symbol of power, prosperity, and good fortune. Just as the lion dance and the Zodiac animal masks capture the spirit of celebration, the DRAGON DISCO brings a modern twist to this timeless tradition.

Crafted with meticulous detail, it encapsulates the dynamic movements of the dragon, exuding its vibrant spirit. This dragon mask, like its predecessors, fuses traditional elements seen in the lion dance masks and features an articulated jaw akin to those showcased in the Zodiac animal mask series, beginning with the original LION DANCE.

Embodying the spirit of joy and festivity, the DRAGON DISCO invites you to dance through the New Year in a blaze of good fortune and prosperity. With every twist and turn, imagine the dragon's lively and enchanting movements, creating an atmosphere of celebration and luck, echoing the lively performances and traditions of the Chinese New Year.

This unique addition is a testament to the evolution of tradition, blending ancient symbolism with a modern zest for life. Embrace the rhythm, let the dragon come to life, and usher in the New Year with a touch of disco-inspired fortune and dance.

GAR151 Beaver Loves Wood Beaver Loves Wood (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

Jan 1 - Feb 2, 2024: Offer for customers in the new year a free gift with purchase. Available at participating OHM Dealers. The promotion will run all month, ending on Groundhog’s Day.


Subject to limitations, offer may vary by location. GAR151 shall not be available to purchase individually, but any remaining may be listed after the end of the promotion.

In the lush, misty forest, a beaver known far and wide as a snarky, solitary builder named Bridger lived. Bridger was a curmudgeon with a jaded sense of humor, a beaver of few words, but a heart as deep as the cascading rivers surrounding them. Bridger would amble along the water's edge each morning, examining the trees that whispered their secrets in the early morning breeze. They had a particular fondness for gnarled old ones, whose wood seemed to contain stories of ages past.

Bridger observed other beavers uniting in teams, working harmoniously to construct grand lodges and colossal dams. But Bridger had their own ideas. They loved wood, of course, but preferred their solitude, crafting intricate trinkets from the finest materials they could find. Each piece they created was a testament to their unique vision and dedication.

One brisk winter's day, something remarkable happened. Bridger's solitary toil bore fruit most unexpectedly. The finest, most unique wood ever seen emerged from their labor—a delicate bit of themself, unlike anything seen before.

Bridger, a recluse, smiled beneath their thick fur. They discovered that sometimes, in our own way and at our own pace, our hard work finds a way to shine. Bridger's cherished bead was a symbol of hope, a reminder that life's beauty lay not just in teamwork, but also in embracing our unique path and passions. Bridger's story became a quiet anthem for those who dared to be different.

Listen carefully. Bridger's story whispers through the trees, inspiring you to follow your heart, no matter how unconventional your path may be. In the moonlight's silvery embrace, Bridger shares their wood with the world, quietly encouraging you to embark on your journey amidst the chorus of life's symphony. Be OHM, be YOU!

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