OHM July 2024

OHM July 2024

Available 2 July 2024

ETHEREAL TRIBUTE captures the regal essence of Hera with peacock feathers symbolizing Argus's loyalty. This bead intertwines sorrow and splendor, reflecting a goddess’s tribute through a dance of color and light. In BEAUTIFUL SSSKIN, Medusa reimagines her scales under moonlight, blending softness with the cosmic. COASTAL CRETAN shares Icarus’s boundless dreams, etched into the sands of time. MOLTEN MYKONOS contemplates the volcanic myths of titans, while SUN GODDESS celebrates the life-giving force of the sun in exquisite detail. These collections, set against the backdrop of ancient myths, offer a timeless connection to divine narratives and nature’s wonders.

ETHEREAL TRIBUTE, the essence of Hera's reverence weaves through the shimmering hues of twilight skies captured in OHM's glass. Each feather mirrors the loyalty of Argus, his spirit reborn in the peacock's majestic pride, painting the world with the sorrow of his end and the splendor of his tribute.

Here, Hera whispers into the ether, her breath a mosaic of gold and blue, infusing the peacock’s plumage with the weight of eternal vigilance and a touch of divine melancholy. This bead, less an object than a moment crystallized, holds the silent story of a goddess's honor paid to unwavering loyalty—a dance of color and light where sorrow meets beauty.

ETHEREAL TRIBUTE—carry it close to your pulse, let it resonate with Hera's profound act, and let each glimpse be a step deeper into the lore of celestial transformation. 

AMG905 Ethereal Tribute (US$60/€63.00/฿2,300/A$84/VND1,550,000)

In a twilight's embrace, Medusa embraces to her BEAUTIFUL SSSKIN. While other goddesses indulge in their silky hair and flawless complexion, Medusa remains one of the most talked-about figures of all time. Embracing unconventional beauty means celebrating nonconformity and flaunting imperfections. Standing out from the crowd is never a bad thing, and Medusa does it with ease. Her skin is enveloped in cascading scales, and her hair is covered in a jumble of vipers. Despite her appearance being the result of a curse, she is still one of the most influential figures in Greek mythology, inspiring art, literature, and other bodies of work. Stone yields to supple grace under her touch, each scale shimmering like starlight, a testament to her undying allure—forever enchanting, she redefines the essence of beauty, one mythic whisper at a time. Embrace your skin. Be you, be OHM.

Designed by @Yunacunn (Mai)

AMG911 Beautiful Ssskin (US$65/€69.00/฿2,500/A$91/VND1,680,000)

On the sun-baked shores of Crete, beneath the ancient olive trees, sat Icarus—not of wings, but of dreams. Each day, he cast his gaze beyond the cerulean embrace of the sea, imagining the myriad worlds pulsing just out of reach. His fingers traced the lines of the world in the sand, continents and cities born and erased with each wave. Though bound to his island, Icarus traveled vast distances in the quiet sanctuary of his mind, finding solace in the thought that within his daydreams, no horizon was too distant, no land too remote. Each dream was a sacred journey, an odyssey without bounds, spun from the very threads of the soul’s quiet longing for things beyond this COASTAL CRETAN.

AMG103 Coastal Cretan (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

In MOLTEN MYKONOS, where the sun beats down and the sea whispers secrets to the winds, behold the sleeping giants—the volcanoes, custodians of fire and brimstone. Here, we ponder the myth, a tale from when Hercules tossed the slain Giants into the sea, their spirits said to rise like vapors from the earth, invisible tales yet palpable. This island, brushed by the breath of titans beneath, holds echoes of eruptions that once cast ash into the sky, blurring the lines between our endeavors and nature's dictates. Reflect on the fragility of existence, scattered like ash across the cosmos, each grain a fleeting testament to the ephemeral dance between creation and chaos, life and its inevitable surrender.

AMG311 Molten Mykonos (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

As the sun ascends to its zenith, the skies blaze in hues of gold, a beacon to the longest days filled with warmth and light. It's a season when the earth basks in the sun's glorious rays, each dawn a painting of vibrant possibilities. Celebrations erupt across the globe, honoring the sun's power to nourish and sustain life itself.

In the Ancient traditions, she was called Sol, the Roman embodiment of the sun’s invigorating power. The Egyptians worshipped her as Hathor, goddess of the sky, of women, and of fertility and love, bathing the world in her warm embrace.

Embracing these ancient rituals that pay homage to our universal Sun, OHM presents the radiant SUN GODDESS. Crafted to capture the magnificent essence of the sun, this piece shines in brilliant detail, from the delicate rays that extend outward, inviting you to feel the warmth on your skin, to the textured surface that mimics the sun's fiery facade.

Wearing the SUN GODDESS on your necklace or bracelet isn't just an adornment—it's a celebration of life’s perpetual cycle, the nurturing warmth that fuels our days, and the promise of another dawn. She is a testament to the endless sky, a constant reminder of hope, vitality, and the interconnected strands of light that bind us all.

Let the SUN GODDESS be your talisman of light and life, a daily reminder to cherish the golden moments and cultivate the warm connections that enrich our lives. She symbolizes not only the zenith but also the bright joy and endless possibilities each new sun brings.

GAR068 Sun Goddess (US$180/€189.00/฿6,800/A$252/VND4,650,000)

TRAVEL ABROAD embodies the spirit of adventure, celebrating diverse cultures and wisdom through mystical travels. FOREST DIVE explores the unity of forest and ocean, revealing nature’s secret symphony. OCEAN PATH weaves tales of interconnectedness across seas, highlighting the rich tapestry of global unity and diversity.

In the heart of ancient Greece, Icaria, a spirited young woman, dreamt of sights beyond her village. The gods, intrigued by her adventurous soul, bestowed upon her a magical cloak, woven with whispers of the wind. This cloak enabled Icaria to travel abroad, to distant lands shrouded in mystery and wonder.

Each journey enriched Icaria with diverse cultures and wisdom, and her tales of distant lands soon turned into legends, inspiring others to seek their own adventures. However, the gods cautioned her against arrogance, reminding her of the delicate balance between exploration and respect for the unknown.

Driven by her insatiable curiosity, Icaria ventured into Apollo’s realm, the Sun God’s domain, where she was overwhelmed by the blazing sun. This experience taught her an invaluable lesson about understanding and respecting nature's boundaries.

Icaria returned to her village, not just as a traveler, but as a storyteller and a sage, her experiences a testament to the balance between the thrill of exploration and the humility of understanding our place in the grand tapestry of the world. This myth embodies the theme of adventurous spirit, tempered with respect for the natural world and its mysteries.

AMG140 Travel Abroad (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

In a realm where the sea kissed the land, there existed a mystical forest known as Thalassia, submerged beneath the ocean waves. It was said that Thalassia was a bridge between worlds, a place where the wonders of the sea and the mysteries of the forest intertwined.

A brave diver, Callista, enchanted by tales of Thalassia, decided to embark on a journey unlike any other. As she dove into the ocean's depths, she found herself swimming through a forest of towering kelp and ancient, petrified trees. Each stroke took her deeper into this underwater wonderland, where colorful fish darted between branches and bioluminescent plants cast an ethereal glow.

Callista soon discovered that Thalassia was not just a forest; it was a sanctuary of mystical creatures and lost legends. She encountered wise sea turtles that spoke of ancient times, memories etched onto their shells guided her path. In Thalassia, every breath revealed secrets of both the ocean and the earth.

Her journey through Thalassia taught Callista the sacred bond between all elements of nature. She emerged from her dive not just as a diver but as a guardian of the mysteries of the deep, a witness to the harmonious dance of forest and ocean.

FOREST DIVE celebrates the theme of unity and harmony within nature, exploring the mystical connection between different realms.

AMG139 Forest Dive (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

In a time when the world was still vast and uncharted, the OCEAN PATH was a legendary maritime route, known for its brisk trade winds and the crisscrossing of ships from distant lands. This path was not just a route across the sea; it was a lifeline of commerce and connection, bridging continents and cultures.

A young navigator, Eudora, set sail on one OCEAN PATH with a dream of exploring the world. As she navigated through the bustling lanes of trade, her ship danced with the winds, weaving through a tapestry of sails from far-off kingdoms and empires. Eudora marveled at the diversity of goods, ideas, and stories exchanged at each port.

The journey was not without peril – storms raged and waves towered – but the shared knowledge of seasoned sailors guided Eudora safely. She learned that while each ship had its unique voyage, their paths intertwined to form a network of support and guidance.

Eudora's travels on her OCEAN PATH taught her the profound value of connection in the pursuit of one's journey. The route was more than a path across the sea; it was a testament to the strength found in unity and the wealth of diversity. Each ship, while on its own course, contributed to a larger story of interconnectedness and mutual benefit.

OCEAN PATH weaves a tale about the beauty of individual journeys enriched by the connections we forge, highlighting the benefits of unity and shared experiences in navigating life's vast ocean.

AMG137 Ocean Path (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)

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