OHM May 2024

OHM May 2024

Available 30 April 2024

It’s time to eat: GET STACKED, a tribute to life's sweet, syrup-bound chapters; MY BAGEL, a sterling silver memento of choice and nourishment; GRILL GRID, capturing the essence of communal joy and smoky flavors of outdoor feasts; IT'S VEGAN, a statement of elegance and ethical indulgence beyond transient pleasures; and FRESH SQUEEZED, symbolizing love as a fresh, zestful blend of sweetness and light. Each piece in this collection encapsulates unique life experiences, blending the beauty of everyday moments.

EPOCHAL, ESOTERIC, and ENIGMATIC together weave a compelling narrative of experience. EPOCHAL marks the passage of time through life's seasons, each embodying a unique stage of personal growth and transformation. ESOTERIC delves into the rich tapestry of specialized knowledge and unique insights, celebrating the convergence of diverse minds in the pursuit of deeper understanding. ENIGMATIC addresses the complexities of social interactions and the innate desire for authentic connection, exploring the various personas we adopt in search of genuine understanding and relationships.

Life, like this stack of pancakes, drips with sweet moments. Each layer, a chapter, soaked in the richness of experience. Syrup, the adhesive of memories, binds the highs and lows. The delicious weight of each bite mirrors the complexities, reminding that even in the stickiest situations, sweetness makes the carbs so satisfying.

GAR048 Get Stacked (US$75/€79.00/฿2,900/A$105/VND1,940,000)

In realms where passion and vitality converge, MAJESTIC VITALITY blossoms in the form of a silver rose, symbolizing the fusion of nature's fiery essence and tender grace. This rose, with its elegant metallic petals, embodies an exuberance that captivates the senses, marrying strength with beauty in a timeless dance. Each silver bloom stands as a testament to endurance, unfurling with the resilience and elegance of life itself.

Like the rose, thriving with determined grace, this emblem inspires action and emboldens the spirit. It serves as a beacon in times of darkness, a symbol of life's enduring radiance and the rejuvenating power of love. Embracing MAJESTIC VITALITY, one is surrounded by an aura of optimism and hope, each petal unfolding a story of renewal and transformation, igniting a path of joyous adventure and spirited discovery.
GAR213 Majestic Vitality (US$160/€168.00/฿6,000/A$224/VND4,140,000)
EMPOWERED JOY, is a beacon of positivity and healing. It boosts creativity, confidence, and helps overcome challenges, infusing wearers with joy and a sense of empowerment. Bumblebee Jasper offers a guide towards relaxation, creativity, and inner bliss, symbolizing optimism and ambition.

Adorn yourself with EMPOWERED JOY and feel the harmonious buzz of positivity that resonates from within its core. Let it be your guide in the journey of self-expression, a journey where every step is a leap towards personal empowerment and every turn reveals a new horizon of possibilities.
ORK032 Empowered Joy (Bumblebee Jasper) (US$130/€137.00/฿4,900/A$182/VND3,360,000)
A canvas of dough perfection, my bagel awaits customization. This sterling silver halo includes a top and a bottom, the crisp exterior yielding to a chewy embrace. Choices dance before me—everything, sesame, poppy, or the timeless plain? A symphony of spreads beckons: cream cheese, lox, or the allure of avocado. Will you choose a glass to symbolize the perfect filling? Each bite is a mosaic bagel bliss, a mouthful of masterpiece. Let it nourish and comfort your body and soul.
GAR200 My Bagel (Fund Me Beadmas 2022) (US$80/€84.00/฿3,000/A$112/VND2,070,000)
In the citrus glow of dawn, their love was a freshly squeezed revelation. Each shared smile and whispered promise was a drop of pure nectar, a blend of zest and sweetness that danced on their lips. Love, like morning sunlight, squeezed out the richness of their intertwined souls.
AMG190 Fresh Squeezed (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
Beneath the open sky, the grill grid transforms into a sizzling stage. Embers dance, painting flavors on marinated canvases. Smoke weaves tales of summer gatherings, laughter rising like the fragrant barbecue haze. Outdoor symphony of sizzles, a culinary alchemy, where every flip and sear crafts memories in the communal feast of backyard joy.
AMG148 Grill Grid (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
In the quiet elegance of your adornments, confidently assert that your silver and glass is vegan. Let each piece be a radiant indulgence, surpassing the transient pleasures of eating. Let baubles adorn you like exquisite morsels, offering a feast for the eyes over fleeting tastes. In the symphony of color, find sustenance that transcends ordinary cravings of the palate.

AMG102 It’s Vegan, glass (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
In the sweet essence of life, we've navigated a landscape dripping with challenges, each triumph oozing like honey from comb to plate. Our journey, a sticky tapestry of resilience, where every success is a testament to the artistry of overcoming, making the syrup of triumph all the more satisfying.
AMG784 Sweet Essence (US$60/€63.00/฿2,300/A$84/VND1,550,000)
In the enigmatic dance of social situations, we code-switch, mask, and perform different “selves” for diverse set of human audiences. Yearning, we silently hope for understanding, a wish to unveil our genuine inner selves. Aware that true understanding may elude us, behind the varied personas lies the desire for connection—a silent plea for hearts to decode the intricate language of authenticity beneath the surface.
AMG295 Enigmatic (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
Life unfolds in epochs, each season a chapter of metamorphosis. Spring births aspirations, summer sculpts resilience, autumn dons hues of wisdom, and winter, a serene retreat for introspection. In this epochal symphony, the cycles weave tales of growth, painting the canvas of existence with the brushstrokes of time's transformative artistry.
AMG293 Epochal (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
In the esoteric labyrinth of knowledge, minds plunge down super-specific rabbit holes, chasing fascination into the obscure. Each individual a torchbearer of unique wisdom, weaving a tapestry of eclectic expertise. Yet, in this kaleidoscope of specialized understanding, diverse souls converge, creating a mosaic where the beauty lies in the shared mystery of what each mind holds.
AMG294 Esoteric (US$50/€53.00/฿1,900/A$70/VND1,290,000)
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