OHM November 2023

OHM November 2023

Available November 7th OHM Worldwide.


Libraries are institutional repositories of knowledge. Throughout history, libraries have served as the place where knowledge is collected and stored for future generations. And where people have gone to find knowledge recorded not only in their own culture but in other cultures both in space and in time. Many of the ancient Greek writings, the foundations of Western philosophy and culture, from such writers as Homer, Aristotle, and Pythagoras are only available to modern Western audiences because they were preserved in Islamic libraries. These writings, having been lost in Europe, moved from Greece to the Near East where they were translated into Arabic, then through Northern Africa, and finally back to Europe on the Iberian Peninsula with the Islamic conquest where they were rediscovered and translated into Latin and back into Greek. It is through the libraries that this knowledge was preserved.

Still today, libraries serve this vital function in society. Not only are they preserving ancient texts, both in their original form and in modern published translations, but they are also preserving all of the knowledge that is being gained today. And yes, they also preserve writing for entertainment, just as important as academic knowledge. Today, Shakespeare is looked upon as a great contributor to Western culture through his plays. At the time they were written, they were intended as simple, common entertainments. None of his original writing has survived, but instead, his works have been pieced together through folios that the actors used to learn the plays that were saved in various libraries around England.

Especially where there are public libraries, they serve as places for members of the community to gain access to things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. This can be as simple as access to a newspaper or as complicated as a 3D printer. Libraries are especially important to underserved members of communities. In rural areas, they serve as the place where community members get access to high-speed internet access, because there isn’t always enough demand for internet providers to build the infrastructure in rural areas. In urban communities, libraries serve as community centers and places for the underserved to get social aid and support. They provide access to the internet for those that may not be able to afford it to do things like apply for jobs or social aid, almost all of which require online access. Libraries don’t just fill one's desire for information.

Librarians, as libraries, should be valued and respected. These are individuals who have professional education in information science. Generally, this means they are very good at finding information to fulfill everyone’s needs, but more importantly, they are trained in finding reliable information. Librarians will help people who come to them find all kinds of reliable, credible information. And they will do it without bias and without injecting their own ideas. What questions do you have?

GAR140 Library Extension (US$80/€84.00/฿3,000/A$112) [3 book set, three individual beads]

The November 2023 release is all about going into the winter season, celebrating the harvest of autumn and getting prepared for the cold nights of winter


The white of the crystal in the bangle mirrors, the clear glass that reflects the colors of the rainbow as it scatter on the snow. The house starts to be filled with candy as Halloween leftovers fill the cupboards, Thanksgiving is coming and candy Christmas is not too far away.


Everything around us is in a constant state of flux and change. No two moments are exactly the same. Even if you were to step into the same river twice, the water that you stepped into the first time has already flowed downstream, and the water you step into the second time is different.

From steam to rain to solid ice, the cycle of water will continue until the end of time. Tears of sadness will fall and dry up followed by a smile and a moment of happiness. The impermanence of life is a fact. Nothing lasts forever and change is the only constant in the universe. Embrace change and flow with the ever-changing currents of life rather than resist.

AMG129 Candy Flux (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )


The OHM C BANGLE is an open bangle with end caps studded with colored CZ or stone. The caps unscrew to allow you to load up the bracelet design of your choice. An open “C” shape the bangle is slightly adjustable, and quite rigid. Choose SMALL if you wear a 6.7" (17cm) or smaller and Choose MEDIUM if you wear an 7.1” (18cm) or larger. Available in multiple colors.

BGL012WS/M OHM C Bangle - White (M) (US $200 /€ 210.00 /฿ 7,500 /A$ 280 )
BGL012W-CAP OHM C Bangle Cap - White (US $60 /€ 63.00 /฿ 2,300 /A$ 84 )

These three characters of nature's script embrace their roles with unwavering grace, symbolizing resilience, unity, and the allure of fresh beginnings. In the symphony of time, the oak leaf, in its gentle decay, bestows upon the earth the gift of nourishment, fueling the acorn's ascent with vital sustenance. This cyclical journey lays bare the inherent beauty of life's interconnectedness.

GAR144 Autumn Triumvirate (US$60/€63.00/฿2,300/A$84)

A soft scarf is a hug that can keep you comfy when it's cold. These little mittens are you holding hands with good friends. Wool or fleece, choose your insulation layers wisely to enjoy their benefits. Nature is one of the best cures for winter blues. Put on your favorite scarf and mittens. Let’s go outside!

GAR145 Scarf And Mittens (US$65/€69.00/฿2,500/A$91)

Snow, a form of precipitation consisting of small ice crystals falling from the sky, a white blanket caressing the ground, a silent dust fashioning a magical fairy tale world of quiet serenity catches the golden hour sunlight refracting a rainbow of possibilities. Quickly, the colors of the world burst forth as a world awakens and the fairies scatter. Let go of all that science stuff. Let go of common sense and think for a moment, think of the world as magic. The snow, the fairy dusting the world in sparkle and intent. Imagine eensy fairies quietly moving through the air, their little wings fluttering around the globe sprinkling light and life across our earth eden. Snow may not be literal magic fairy dust, sure, but the ability to generate a sense of wonder and enchantment for yourself through imagination-play can elevate the overall experience of many cold winter months ahead. Embrace fairy dust.

AMG267 Fairy Dust (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

Storage tray with 6 rods and small bracelet design or play area. Submitted by Rita, @‌acharmeddreamer on Instagram, via the Fund Me program at http://OHMtogether.com , the Purple version of the More Bead Less Play storage tray is now available worldwide as a regular color selection from OHM.

1OHM-TRAY01P OHM More Bead Less Play Tray (Purple) (US$60/€63.00/฿2,200/A$80)

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