OHM October 2023

OHM October 2023

Available October 3rd OHM Worldwide.

OHM's Dirty Magic collection has mushroomed! This symbolic cauldron is positioned sideways on your bracelet expanding your design options. While it may not hold a liquid brew, with three new dangles and a mysterious HIDDEN MAGIC blind bag, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, you'll be bound to cook something scrumptious up. 

New glass pieces are joining the OHM collection. And yet another enamel too, the release celebrates the power of love with exactly two hearts. Plus, embrace the season with a pop of vibrant orange to contrast your new eggplant enamel.

Don't miss this magical jewelry journey that's about to get strung together!


Happy Halloween OHMily

New additions to OHM’s Dirty Magic collection are here! Discover three captivating mushroom dangles, each holding its own special meaning. The large cauldron charm that now sits upright on your bracelet, symbolizing the sustaining force of community. And don't miss our Hidden Magic design, a blind bag featuring an array of stones to bring an element of surprise and wonder.

As the magic arrives on our doorstep, we exchange eager glances, the weight of anticipation settling in our chests. The identity to be revealed remains a mystery, but the possibilities hidden within are endless. Carefully, we gather around, our hands trembling with excitement.

The parcel radiates an otherworldly energy, a promise of something extraordinary lying just beneath the surface. With a shared breath, we begin to unwrap it, fingers moving with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation entering the gateway. Layers of enchantment fall away, revealing a mirror unlike any other. Its intricately carved with ancient symbols, and its surface shimmers with an ethereal light.

As we peer into the mirror, our own reflections seem to waver and shift. Gradually, scenes from our past dance across the surface—the forgotten dreams, the moments of courage, the sparks of kindness. It's as if the mirror is unveiling the hidden chapters of our souls, showcasing the magic that has always resided within us.

But the mirror is not done. With each passing moment, the scenes transform, showing us glimpses of the future we have yet to embrace. We see ourselves stepping into the unknown with confidence, weaving destinies that intertwine with the very fabric of the universe. The mirror whispers of untapped potential and the power to shape our reality.

We realize that the magic we sought outside ourselves has been within us all along. The mirror is a reminder that the journey of self-discovery is a voyage into the realm of limitless possibilities.

With newfound determination, we understand that the most enchanting adventures are the ones we embark upon within our hearts and minds.

As the mirror's light gently fades, leaving us with a sense of profound awakening, we exchange knowing smiles. Something new has been revealed. The possibilities are endless, and the adventure has only just begun.

GAR131 Hidden Magic (US $80 /€ 84.00 /฿ 3,000 /A$ 112 )

Morels are believed to possess antioxidant properties and have been used in traditional medicine for their supposed anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Wear OHM MOREL to help you stay connected with nature and your inner self.

GAR135 Morel (US $40 /€ 42.00 /฿ 1,500 /A$ 56 )

Some indigenous cultures have used LEPIOTA mushrooms in traditional healing practices. They are believed to possess medicinal properties that can aid in physical and spiritual healing, helping individuals restore balance and harmony within themselves.

GAR134 Lepiota (US $35 /€ 37.00 /฿ 1,400 /A$ 49 )

Beyond their culinary eminence, ENOKI mushrooms enjoy a historical affinity with traditional Chinese medicine. Revered for their potential curative attributes, they are hailed for fortifying the immune system, quelling inflammation, and countering tumorous growths.

GAR133 Enoki (US $40 /€ 42.00 /฿ 1,500 /A$ 56 )

Whether you use it for cooking meals or for spell making; a large cauldron is always needed to sustain a community. Round and dirty this vessel serves its purpose as intended. Are you a cook? Are you a witch? Using a recipe? Creating as you go? Put what you wish, add whatever feels right, stir, stir, stir some more, voila, presto, the magic concoction you brewed within is done. Enjoy the consequences!

GAR132 Dirty Magic 2.0 (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )


Journey through a mesmerizing forest. Feel the dappling sunlight, witness the interplay of light and shadow, and immerse yourself in the symphony of nature. Find harmony and unity in the gentle buzz of creatures and the interconnectedness of all living things. Discover serenity with OHM.


Have you ever been to the fair for a CANDY APPLE? There's something magical about indulging in treats at the local carnival, where the air is filled with laughter and the aroma of delicious food. As we savor the delectable delights, we are reminded of the importance of our communities. The festive gatherings provide an opportunity to connect with our neighbors, friends, and even strangers, forging bonds that strengthen the fabric of our society. In sharing laughter, stories, and experiences over these treats, we celebrate the joy of togetherness and the richness of human connection. Let's be together, we are one, we are OHM.

AMG265 Candy Apple (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

As you stroll through the GOLDEN FOREST, the dappling light from the sun’s rays create a mesmerizing display, painting the lush foliage with a magical glow and casting enchanting patterns on the ground. The interplay of light and shadow seems to breathe life into the surroundings, intensifying the tranquility of the moment. In this symphony of nature, the gentle buzz of creatures becomes a soothing soundtrack, filling the air with a profound sense of harmony and reminding you of the profound interconnectedness of all living things. Breathe in, breathe out. At this moment, you are truly home, immersed in a state of serenity and unity. OHM.

AMG266 Golden Forest (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

The vast expanse of the GOLDEN OCEAN beckons us, captivating our senses with its boundless beauty. When the sun's radiant rays caress the water's surface, a breathtaking spectacle comes to life. Countless sparkles gracefully dance upon the waves, forming a mesmerizing tapestry that reminds us of the sheer magnificence of our watery planet. It is as if the ocean itself becomes an exquisite canvas, adorned with a million glistening lights, evoking a profound sense of wonder and awe for the awe-inspiring wonders that envelop us. Dive into its depths, immerse yourself, and become one with the vastness of it all.

AMG264 Golden Ocean (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

Being STRETCHED THIN by numerous responsibilities and interests can overwhelm us, causing us to lose track of the threads that hold our lives together. It's important to recognize our limits and prioritize self-care, allowing some things to be set aside. However, maintaining awareness of our boundaries and the potential consequences is crucial to prevent burnout. By practicing mindfulness amidst the chaos, we can navigate life's complexities and remain connected to the essential threads that shape our well-being. Stay mindful, be you, be OHM.

AMG263 Stretched Thin (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

In the grand tapestry of existence we each walk our own unique path, shaped by our experiences, choices, and aspirations. Yet, amidst the vastness of our individual journeys there are moments when our paths intertwine, connecting us with others in beautiful and unexpected ways. Threads in a cosmic web, we find ourselves STRUNG TOGETHER, converging and diverging, as we navigate the intricate dance of life. The universe weaves us together, continuously drawing us closer, and reminding us that our stories are intertwined, forever bound by the common thread of existence, of OHM.

AMG262 Strung Together (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

Introducing OHM BLACK HEART where darkness and shadow intertwine to create a powerful symbol of transformation. In the depths of obscurity, we find the potential for growth and change. For it is within the shadows that the light has the greatest opportunity to shine brightest, illuminating the path of love and shaping the world in its image. Let’s embrace the paradoxical nature of darkness and let it guide us towards a profound understanding of the transformative power of love, as it permeates every corner of our existence, bringing light and warmth to even the darkest of places. Let’s be the light! Let’s be ourselves. Be you, be OHM.

AMG903 Black Heart (US $55 /€ 58.00 /฿ 2,100 /A$ 77 )

In remembrance of those who have departed, there is a tradition known as AUBERGINE ADORATION where we transition from wearing black to wearing purple. During the Edwardian era in England, it was customary to wear black during the mourning period. Once that period ended, people would switch to purple attire to signify the completion of mourning. Eventually, they would return to wearing bright colors, symbolizing another step in the healing process. However, time may heal wounds, but not all. In Victorian England, Queen Victoria herself chose to wear black for the rest of her life after the passing of her beloved Albert. It's important to acknowledge that it's okay to feel sadness, to mourn, and to be overwhelmed by loss. But amidst it all, it's crucial not to let oneself become overly dramatic. Instead, it's encouraged to open up the crown chakra and allow healing to take place. You have the strength within you to create the life you desire, to wear what resonates with you, and to embrace your true self. Be authentic, be true to yourself, and find peace within.

AMG904 Aubergine Adoration (US $55 /€ 58.00 /฿ 2,100 /A$ 77 )

Behold! Behold! Gaze upon the wondrous spectacle that is BUBBLING CAULDRON, a bewitching treasure emerging from the depths of enchantment to grace the OHM collection. Like shimmering drops of midnight's embrace, these black glass beads encapsulate the very essence of witchcraft, weaving a tapestry of bubbling spells, ancient incantations, and boundless imagination.

Step into the mystical realm and witness as your inner witch awakens, spreading its wings of creativity in a dance of mesmerizing allure. Feel the magic coursing through your veins, as you immerse yourself in the bubbling depths of enchantment. The BUBBLING CAULDRON beckons you to embrace its captivating charm, inviting you to explore realms where dreams intertwine with reality. Embrace the dance of shadows and light, as you awaken your inner sorceress and embrace the infinite possibilities that await.

AMG258 Bubbling Cauldron (US $50 /€ 53.00 /฿ 1,900 /A$ 70 )

Enamel over Sterling Silver

At any given moment, each person is capable of receiving precisely the amount of love they are ready to embrace. Whether it arrives as a gentle whisper or an overwhelming wave, love finds its way to us, nurturing our spirits and reminding us of our inherent worthiness.

Take a moment to observe: How many hearts do you see? EXACTLY TWO, right? Hold on, let's explore further. If we consider the entire bead as a heart, suddenly there are three. And here's the intriguing part - when you turn it around, two more hearts appear. That makes it a total of five, doesn't it? Now, let's reflect on love.

GAR127 Exactly Two (US $95 /€ 100.00 /฿ 3,600 /A$ 133 )

Just like those hidden hearts, love knows no bounds. It is an infinite resource, flowing abundantly in our lives. Love has the remarkable power to touch every soul, transcending all limits. At any given moment, each person is capable of receiving precisely the amount of love they are ready to embrace. Whether it arrives as a gentle whisper or an overwhelming wave, love finds its way to us, nurturing our spirits and reminding us of our inherent worthiness. To fully experience the boundless blessings of love in its many forms, all we need to do is open our hearts and embrace the love that surrounds us.

OHM C Bangle

The OHM C BANGLE is an open bangle with end caps studded with colored CZ or stone. The caps unscrew to allow you to load up the bracelet design of your choice. An open “C” shape the bangle is slightly adjustable, and quite rigid. Choose SMALL if you wear a 6.7" (17cm) or smaller and Choose MEDIUM if you wear an 7.1” (18cm) or larger. Available in multiple colors.

BGL012OS/M OHM C Bangle - Orange (S/M) (US $200 /€ 210.00 /฿ 7,500 /A$ 280 )
BGL012O-CAP OHM C Bangle Cap - Orange (US $60 /€ 63.00 /฿ 2,300 /A$ 84 )

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