OHM First April 2024

  • OHM's 2024 collection inspired by transformation
    • Available on Tuesday April 2nd.
  • Open orders now available for OCTO designs.
  • OHM ONE coupon now easier. 
    • Check your email!
  • Update & new OHMbucks rewards.
  • Daily challenges and giveaways throughout OHM in April.
  • Various weekly promotions and discounts in April.
  • OHM in AUGUST event information now available!

As the curtains rise on OHM's April 2024 collection promising an odyssey that weaves through the essence of metamorphosis and rebirth, available on Tuesday, April 2nd. Embrace this April with OHM, a month adorned with daily festivities, enchanting challenges, and an array of promotions that dance to the rhythm of creativity and community, setting the stage for a celebration not only of jewelry, but of life itself.

🗞️ NEWS: OHM Craft To Order designs are now available without limitation. These items are made to order, delivery time listed on individual items. 

🗞️ NEWS: $5 off coupon every month via email for OHM ONE Members. Check your inbox after the first of the month. That's $60 in savings a year. 

🗞️ NEWS: Updated Levels of Loyalty program. Earn OHMbucks and spend on new offers. The back end has been improved and updated. What does that mean? 

  • New rewards are now available! Check out your rewards page.
  • Leave a Review is back, effective starting April, My OHM accounts will start earning OHMbucks again for purchase reviews.

OHM in April is a month-long celebration at OHM. OHMbassadors around the world will be hosting challenges giveaways every single day in April. The full schedule is below. It all starts today on April 1. Join us on Instagram Discord and Facebook.

The first challenge is the IAMOHM challenge to enter via email SUBMIT your selfies HERE.

We also have a five weekly promotions this month, so if you are one that plans your purchases here is a quick outline, but do note that the offer WILL vary by location and more information may be shared with each promotion start.


  • April 2-8: 24% OFF Wings of Liberation, Bird Cage, OHM C Bangle, OHM C Bangle Caps, and OHM Ball Necklace.
  • April 9-15: Buy Select Glass Get FREE BB Glass. Select glass options are not ready, but will be listed on www.OHMBEADS.com/select-glass 
  • April 16-22: FREE NOUVEAU BEAD w/ Every $111 Purchased. It stacks! The more you buy the more OHM gives. Spend $222 for two free beads! 
  • April 23-29: 24% OFF Rainbow Rain, Mama Aqua, Water-ish, Water-ness, and Ice Cube 
  • April 30-May 6: 24% OFF May Flowers, Nature Nibbits, Mandala, Lilac Dreams, and Painting The Roses Red

OHM in April Schedule of Hosts:

New Releases available on April 2nd. In the embrace of YEAR OF THE DRAGON-Y we dance with celestial forces under the rarity of a total solar eclipse, symbolizing metamorphosis and rebirth. Cross through THE GATEWAY this April and beyond, each step along the path unfolds as a tangible verse, a poetic narrative cradled in form in time and with purpose. From the ethereal whispers in REACHING THE EDGE, where we waltz through a spring orchard's golden splendor, to the profound thoughts unveiled in the CORNERS OF CHAOS, OHM's 2024 collection stands as a beacon of our enduring pledge: to forge designs that resonates deeply, echoing the intricate tones of life's ceaseless path.

Wisdom's silent stream,
truth widens with each sunrise,
blossoms in stillness.

A new glass style joins the collection with WIDENING TRUTH at 2.5 cm wide or about an inch. And another OHM Rock lands in a FOG OF MEMORY, a chalcedony gem.

OHM in August: Save the Date and join OHM in Bangkok this August 10th & 11th as the Thailand Artist Event gallery exhibition opens and as OHM celebrates a Sweet 16 OHMversary! Join Lhong & Kit and OHMies at the OHM Flagship store. Free entry on the 10th. Save the date and confirm your event bead, swag, or pre-order the whole collection by pre-ordering today (Swag available for pick up at the event, or request shipping option before adding to cart) visit www.OHMBEADS.com/OS16 or www.OHMBEADS.co.th/OS16 for more information. 

April's Beadmail is on the way. Original Beadmail No. 37, Glass of the Month No. 32, and Rock of the Quarter No. 8.

🌊  Beneath moonlit waves, you sway gracefully, your life creating ripples which sparkles with scattered gemstones. The sea, adorned in soft hues of blue and green embraces you, and you with a gentle charm a feather falls from above, carried by a whisper of air. Dance along the water's surface, guided by the mist rising as a spell is cast from the ocean depths below. A mermaid, entranced, reaches for the feather, feeling its delicate touch. As she holds it, a soothing energy enveloped her, and you. The sea exhales tranquility. In that serene moment, revel in the calming properties of her aquamarine realm with this mermaid’s treasure.

🃕🂢🃁🂸  Life unfolds like a deck of playing cards in the grand tapestry of existence, each suit carrying its unique symbolism and narrative. As we delve into the world of cards, it becomes evident that the conflicts within the suits are not mere whimsical disputes but reflections of the intricate stories woven by our perceptions. Alice's path takes her deeper into the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where the cards engage in their peculiar debates. The suits in a deck of cards offer us a profound lesson in self-reflection.

The conflict among the suits in a deck of cards is a metaphor for our internal struggles on life's path. The origins of the suits in tarot offer a glimpse into the profound symbolism that transcends time. Much like Alice in Wonderland, the world we inhabit mirrors the reality within ourselves. Through the observation of which card we draw, our own story unfolds, inviting us to explore the depths of our consciousness and embrace the narratives written in the cards of destiny through interpretation.

🫖  Imagine at your very own tea party, surrounded by friends and laughter, as you indulge in the charming allure of our handcrafted tea cups. Each cup tells a story, its delicate design a testament to the passion and artistry that goes into creating these treasures. With every sip, you'll find yourself falling deeper into a world where tea rituals take on a whole new meaning.

As we explore this rabbit hole of tea-infused bliss together, we invite you to take one more step down this exciting path. Let the joy of tea cups and the thrill of tea parties spark your imagination and ignite your love for all things tea. Whether you're enjoying a tranquil moment of solitude or sharing laughter with loved ones, these exquisite tea memories will be your trusted companions.

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