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Widening Truth

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Wisdom's silent stream,
truth widens with each sunrise,
blossoms in stillness.

In the hush of dawn, the tea party unfolds beneath the whispering willows. Ephemeral mists caress the garden lawns, as cups of steaming elixir echo wisdom's silent stream. Each pour, a gentle sermon; each sip, an unveiling. Here, amid the verdant calm, Truth, once a narrow brook, broadens with the sun’s ascent. Words, soft and deliberate, weave through the air, carrying secrets that bloom in the air. This congregation, a tapestry of souls, finds solace in the shared silence, their truths unfurling like petals, basking in the morning's tender light. In stillness, they find their reflections deepened, their bonds widened.

Approximately 2.5 cm wide, WIDENING TRUTH is specifically engineered for use with flexible bracelet designs such as CHUNKY, SKINNY, CHAIN, and PLAIN, and is not suitable for fixed bangle styles.

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