OHM First January 2024

Happy New Year, and welcome to a fiery 2024!

Get ready for an infusion of infinite love as we unveil a brand-new collection of designs. But first, the excitement kicks off with our FREE Beaver Buddy promotion, available NOW until Groundhog’s Day, while supplies last. FREE with purchase. 

Embrace the Year of the Wood Dragon with Bridger and set the tone for a year built on resilience and strength. To jump start the New Year the collection includes pieces such as Dragon Disco an articulating Lion Dance head to continue the Chinese New Year collection, Infinite Love-y a new OHM S Clasp bracelet closure, and Dragon Stone, a faceted Bloodstone. Read the full PREVIEW.

Mark your calendars for January 9th, as that's when our latest releases will hit the shelves. And keep an eye out for February's release on January 30th—coinciding with Draw A Dinosaur Day! Check out how to enter and earn 555 OHMbucks this month, with your drawing having a chance at an extra 5,000 to the lucky winner!! www.OHMBEADS.com/DADD

While a livestream isn't scheduled this week, fear not—OHM LIVE will be back on January 12th.

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible hosts of Beadmas this year: Darya, Yai, Jeidi, Aleksandra, Rixi, Tani, Leslie, Angie, Helenka, Olya, Ashley, and Sarah! 

Congratulations to @angelgerrysmom, the winner of the Beadmas Bingo Grand Prize! To all who participated, your OHMbucks earnings have been added to your My OHM account.

Special thanks to our amazing community, both in Vegas and virtually, for making the most recent IRL OHM experience unforgettable. Hurry, as the remaining stock is currently available to OHM ONE subscribers, but only while supplies last

Also a post holiday season blow out scheduled for the 5th, and if you haven't yet joined OHM.SALE's email list, now's the perfect time. You never know what OHM stuff they have that might surprise you.

Stay tuned for more OHMazing updates and surprises throughout the year. Here's to a sensational 2024!


Infused with potent essence, an enigmatic symbol embodies ancient wisdom. Universally revered for its auspicious nature, this entity encapsulates the robust energy of a mystic creature as we start off the year.

Mirror the dragon year's spirit, channeling positivity, and beckoning the best version of yourself.

Embrace transformative power you amplify good fortune, invoking prosperity. 

Unleash boundless energy, harness prosperity, and make an elegant declaration. Be you, be OHM! Secure exclusive access to future designs by subscribing to OHM ONE today. Or start your Beadmail subscription today, embarking on a luck-filled journey, including FREE OHM ONE membership. 

An entrancing creation, draped in mystery—you are poised to captivate, adorned with fiery red hues and earthy tones.

Embodying the very essence of an ancient legend. Each enigmatic creation encapsulates the allure of a mythical creature, becoming a living emblem of strength and wisdom.

Extend an invitation to embrace the latent energy within, we’re inviting you to wear OHM with both pride and anticipation for the path ahead—embodying strength, wisdom, luck, protection, and prosperity.

Ignite your spirit and embrace this exquisite creation as a conduit to all that the ancient legend represents.

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