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I love you or I'm going to eat you... same same

RAWR collection started back in 2014 with one design, T-Rex Skull to celebrate International Draw a Dinosaur Day which is on January 30th of every year.

In January 2015 three other skulls, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, and Velociraptor have joined the collection along with three glass beads, Secretions, Humerus, and Neolithic. These glass beads have unusual textures and are slightly larger than the normal OHM glass beads.

Five more designs were added to RAWR collection in early 2017, three non-skull beads, Hatching, Baby Megalodon, Boned, and two locks, Fossil-ness and Impression-ness.

Pteranodon Skull was added to the collection in 2018.

It's all about the dragon in 2019. We released one silver bead, Dragon Skull, and three glass beads, Dragon Blood, Dragon Skin, and Dragon Bone.

In 2020, one more skull was added, Ghost Skull.

RAWR collection was extensively expanded in January 2021. They are three glass beads, Pangaea, Rodinia, Gondwana, and several silver beads. The highlight of these additions is Lohmbar, a single vertebra with an interlocking system that allows you to link multiple Lohmbars together to form a spine at any length. Sacrohm is used with Lohmbar as an end cap of the spine.

Collection: Rawr
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