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Ghost Skull

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You may not be able to fit our OHM Ghost Skull over your own head, but it fits very nicely on your bracelet as a talisman against bad spirits this Halloween season or any time of the year. Feel connected to the spirits of the forest and all things, both living and invisible. Touch the noble spirit seated deep within yourself. You too are magical and powerful and a wonderful mystery!

The skull of a ram is used in shamanic rituals to ward off evil spirits. Animal bones, skulls, and body parts have been used in ceremonies and spells for thousands of years. For example, the antlers of a stag for fertility, or a necklace of bear claws for strength. These items are believed to connect the shaman with the spirit of the animal and the spirit world in general. For that reason the name given to this sacred horned skull roughly translates as Ghost Skull.

The skull of the mighty ram is especially powerful. When a shaman places their own head within the skull and looks out the eye sockets, they can see the hidden spirit world. Clever demons who have taken other temporal forms are revealed. The shaman can see the spirits of all creatures, including humans, both alive and dead. If the dog by the fire or the person sitting nearby is actually a demon in disguise, the ruse is now magically unmasked. Evil spirits know that they have been exposed and they scurry away like cockroaches. The shaman feels great Peace and connection to the mystery of the spiritual.

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