The Schedule

Each BEADMAIL sign-up period closes on the 15th of the month*. Sign up BEFORE then to be included in the production run.

You will be charged at the time that you sign up. Recurring charges will be on the 1st of the month.**

📦 Monthly BEADMAIL packages (e.g., Original Beadmail, GOTM, etc.) will ship on the 1st of the month approximately 2 months later. For example:  

Sign Up Date For Beadmail **Next Charge
Until Aug 15, 2023
Oct 2023 Sep 1, 2023
Aug 16 - Sep 15, 2023 Nov 2023 Oct 1, 2023
Sep 16 - Oct 15, 2023 Dec 2023 Nov 1, 2023

📦 Quarterly BEADMAIL packages (e.g., OROQ) recur once every three months and ship on the 1st of the month approximately 3 months later. For example:  

Sign Up Date For Beadmail **Next Charge
Until July 15, 2023 Oct 2023 Oct 1, 2023
Oct 1 - Oct 15, 2023 Jan 2024 Jan 1, 2024
Jan 1 - Jan 15, 2023
Apr 2024
Apr 1, 2024
Apr 1 - Apr 15, 2023 Jul 2024 Jul 1, 2024

*The cut-off window is based in Eastern Time. Any order placed at or after midnight Eastern Time 23:59 ET (UTC -4) of the cut-off day will skip the next upcoming charge. 

**If your recharge order fails due to a payment error you MUST REACTIVATE prior to the 15th of the month to ensure on time processing and continuous delivery. If you do not reactivate prior to the 15th your account will skip one month delivery.

Original Beadmail, GOTM, and OROQ production quantities are tabulated after the subscription period closes and production is finalized.

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