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Sugar Sleigh Ride Ornament

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"3D Printed Resin Ornament includes ribbon for hanging. Perfect for your tree this elfing holiday season. Happy Beadmas!

Who’s up for a sleigh ride? A sugar ride of course. Surrender to the long, sweet, wonderful three-month ride that is - The Holidays! - Don’t be afraid of the sugar crash - it’s inevitable. You will be ecstatic and thankful when the ride is finally over! Just hop on and try to enjoy - there is plenty of room!

Ohm celebrates the -high- of holiday fun, feasting, and not counting the calories until the New Year. This Limited Edition bead is designed to commemorate the entire season: parties, laughter, family gatherings, and sticky sweet treats. The holidays aren't fighting each other anymore. Nick, Jack, and Tom ride together for some last minute munchies and scramble into bed for late night caramel popcorn and a little TV. It's the best time of the year!"

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