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Sand Dollar (Retired)

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Whether you adore nature, are celebrating a memory or indeed have a weakness for fantastical tales, the Sand Dollar will make a beloved addition to a bracelet.

Sand Dollar, Pansy Shell, Snapper Biscuit or Sea Cookie, this distinctive little urchin has many a name depending on the geographical location. The most commonly encountered Sand Dollar name refers to the large coin like appearance of the unusual sea creature.

Mostly found in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, this Ohm Bead came to life at the hands of it's designer commemorating cherished new memories from a holiday. This charm, like it's living counterpart boasts a coin like appearance and the distinctive floral-esque patterning that captivates many lucky enough to discover one.

Folklore suggested these were the coins of the mythical mermaids accidentally washed ashore as the only evidence of their existence.

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