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Purrr - Limited Edition

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Everybody needs a hug now and then. The word "hug" comes from the Old Norse word "hugga" which meant "to comfort," and nothing is quite as soothing and comforting as a warm hug from a trusted friend. A hug can communicate affection, consolation, support, the joy of reunion, or the welcoming embrace of family and friendship.

This design showcases two kittens hugging: PURRR. But, do cats like to hug? Cats certainly love to cuddle and snuggle, with each other and with you. Wild felines are solitary and mostly silent; but our domesticated house cats live in perpetual kittenhood, enjoying the warm intimacy of bodily snuggles and developing a whole repertoire of kitty sounds to communicate their moods, especially to humans.

Purring may have developed as a signaling mechanism between mother cats and nursing kittens -- a sound of reassurance and contentment -- and cats continue to purr when they are relaxed, cuddling, being petted, or eating. Now you see the connection: a warm, comforting hug makes you feel loved and reassured, and your heart purrs with pleasure.

Whether you wear OHM's PURRR bead to remind you of the friends who hug your heart with happiness or just because you love cats and snuggling, this lovely image on your bracelet will always make you smile...and purrr.

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