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Octohug - Limited Edition

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From the dark depths of your soul, OCTOHUG protects the gem of your spirit.

The octopus represents our dark subconscious which protects (containing) the brightness of our spirit. In each of us, there is a side of light and a side of darkness. As they fight to equal each other, they create the balance of our existence. Every day of our life is a challenge, a compromise between our animal instinct and our spiritual reason. We both trap and protect ourselves at the same time in a hug that tightens the mortal vice.

Design by Sara Gargiulo in collaboration with Michele Cavalieri d'Oro.

Both reside in Rome, Italy; Sara has been a passionate jewelry enthusiast since childhood. "I think when we wear something beautiful, we show ourselves in another light to the world. With beads, I have found the right balance to express my imagination, creating a new story every day. I love art in all its forms, and I see the poetry of things in every moment of my existence."

Instagram: catnoir9
Facebook Group: La Dolce Vita

Michele is a 360-degree artist! He has drawn on every surface to develop an innate instinct for capturing images and creating new ones. The comic artist graduated: Architecture, illustrator. A hurricane of lines and color.


This limited-edition release of OCTOHUG is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Sara and Michele.

This is a blind bag item. All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.

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