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Puppy Love

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Your sweet angel loves you unconditionally, never judges your appearance, and is always so excited to see you that their body goes berserk with joy!

Oh sure, there’s a devilish side to your angel too, when human valuables get chewed, or unattended delicacies are swiped and gobbled. Sometimes you return home to mischief and mayhem instead of a rapturous welcome. Sometimes your furry angel exudes a uniquely pungent miasma or eats things that defy comprehension.

But when your angel looks up at you with big, adoring eyes, all is soon forgiven.

Your angel is the best therapist, the best antidepressant, the best comforter, and the best workout buddy you could ever find.

Your angel is your alarm clock and your burglar alarm.

Your wiggling angel has filled your life with countless warm memories and sloppy kisses.

OHM acknowledges that your angel holds a special place in your heart with this beautiful silver bead, a heart made of angel wings. And nestled in the fold of those wings -- perhaps protected by them or perhaps the angelic bearer of these magnificent pinions -- your angel pup snuggles at the center of your love.

Celebrate the wet-nosed angels that blessed your life in the past and scamper through your busy tomorrow. Every time you see this bead on your bracelet, your own heart will take wing—especially this Valentine’s Day, when all our hearts flutter with thoughts of cherished soulmates.
Come, sit, stay, give yourself a treat.

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