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Beat It (Retired)

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Did you get to lick the sweet, creamy frosting off the mixer beaters when the cake was baking as a kid? OR, even now, do you like to lick the bowl to get every drop of velvety buttercream icing, cookie dough, or fluffy whipped cream before cleanup? We do too. A mixing spoon or wire whisk -- and a lot of arm power -- can make airy egg whites, but nothing... beats... an electric mixer.

The first mixer with movable parts, an old-fashioned hand-crank rotary egg beater, was invented in 1856. After watching a baker struggle to mix large amounts of dough with a spoon, an engineer created the "sweatless" electric standing mixer for commercial bakeries in 1908. And by the Roaring 20's, they were traveling door-to-door to demonstrate and sell the exciting new domestic mixer for the home kitchen.

Fast forward, and most home chefs can't envision baking or cooking without their trusty mixer. Today's countertop mixer is the champion of super-smooth cookie dough, perfectly whipped egg whites with glossy firm peaks for an amazing meringue or any "sweatlessly" kneaded bread dough. Most mixers come with various attachments to make ground meat, homemade pasta, granola, yogurt, ice cream, hummus, cauliflower rice, chocolate mousse, and much more.

OHM celebrates all things culinary with our nod to the countertop mixer. This adorably detailed miniature mixer on your bracelet shows the world that you too love to mix it up with the best of them. No challenge intimidates you as you whip through them in seconds and come back for more! Just BEAT IT!

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