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So Steamed (Retired)

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How are you feeling? Stress is a pretty common one right now. Not into yoga? Meditation? How about the joys of scalding water vapor and searing steel? So many people find the task of ironing clothes relaxing and meditative that Ironing Clubs are a new “thing.” Groups gather to learn breathing exercises in sync with their ironing moves, inhale the aroma of fresh laundry, and smooth out the creases in their clothes and their psyches.

Before electricity was available, the iron was literally a hunk of heavy iron with a handle on one side and a flat surface on the other. These “flatirons” were heated in the fire or on the stove and then pressed over clothing to remove wrinkles. Often there were several irons heating at once, so when one cooled, you could grab a hot one. Not exactly meditative.

Later irons were heated with kerosene, ethanol, whale oil, carbide gas, or gasoline. Big risk of fire here. Today’s electric iron with temperature controls -- and burst of steam to permeate the fabric so the heat can smooth it perfectly -- well, that is the very definition of modern convenience.

And you don’t have to join an Ironing Club to reap its benefits. Find mindfulness by Playing music or watching a movie while ironing, crafting, cleaning, coloring in, or just let your mind drift to smooth away your stressful mind wrinkles. Perhaps by looking at your beads. Are you SO STEAMED now?

Keep a gentle frame of mind. Notice the intricate details for a burst of steam. You can smell that fresh, crisp, clean laundry aroma and feel the heat building in this miniature marvel.

Next time you feel stress building in yourself, touch this iron on your bracelet and let the creases spiral out smooth. Iron the mind. Ohm.

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