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It Sucks

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If you like to wriggle your bare toes in soft, lush, wall-to-wall carpeting, then you are probably also deeply familiar with your vacuum cleaner. Even with a hardwood floor, you've likely accented the space with colorful rugs that need the occasional suction. And if you have pets and pet hair, well...

The first vacuum cleaners in the 19th century were considerable contraptions in horse-drawn wagons, which traveled from door-to-door as a cleaning service and operated by hand-cranked bellows or chugging engines that often blew the dirt into receptacles instead of suctioning it.

In 1908, a store janitor named James Spangler invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner that sucked dirt and dust into one of his wife's pillowcases. He had no money to develop his idea so he sold the patent to manufacturer William H. Hoover.

To celebrate the potential suckage of vacuuming, OHM offers this sweet little canister vacuum cleaner bead. The small hose wraps around your bracelet like a silver hug, and the marvelously detailed canister tucks nicely underneath. You can almost feel it vibrate on your wrist. Our little vacuum may not scare the cat or swipe your carpet to barefoot fluffiness; but it IS a lovely reminder that some tasks may suck, but the rewards are many with just a little imagination.

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