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Pocket Knife

Earn OHMbucks

The traditional camper or scout knife has four essential tools: a large drop-point blade, a can opener, a combination cap lifter and slotted screwdriver, and an awl or punch. Some fancier camper knives may also include a Phillips screwdriver, a saw, or even a pair of pliers or scissors. You know the motto: "Be prepared."

Pocket knives, also called folding knives or jack knives have been around for centuries. The Vikings had folding knives. The Romans even invented a multi-tool folding knife with a blade, a spoon, a spike, and a spatula.

Scouts teach a vital lesson called the Blood Circle. This is the radius of your arm plus the length of the knife blade in a complete circle around you. To prevent injury, no one but the knife user should enter this circle. The scout who practices blade safety receives a patch authorizing them to carry and use a pocketknife, ax, saw, or other types of bladed tools.

OHM is interested in your preparedness. Remind yourself with this beautifully crafted little camper or scout knife bead -- with the four traditional tools -- which hangs from a scout-required bowline knot. You and your bracelet are hereby authorized to tote the magnificent little POCKET KNIFE anywhere that pleases you. And you don't have to keep others at arm's length around you; you'll want to show off every minute detail.

The pocket knife is small but a powerful reminder, be prepared to OHM at a moment's notice.

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