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Chocolate (Retired)

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The Chocolate Bar is the winning charm from the fifth Ohm Beads community design project! Such charms hold a special place in the heart of Ohm Beads as they're created as joint effort between community and designers.

We posted three versions of the Chocolate Bar to Facebook and the results are in. The Full Enamel version will be the official Community Design Project #5 bead!

Chocolate as a flavor has an undeniable appeal globally. From coffee to cookies and ice cream, we enjoy this distinctive flavor in all manner of ways. But best of all is its truest form: the Chocolate Bar. While chocolate makes a popular (and appreciated) gift, it's also the ultimate self indulgent comfort food.

The Ohm Beads Chocolate Bar boasts the attention to detail for which we're so proud. Enamel detailing peeks out of silver wrapping paper and as a furthermore, we can guarantee this chocolate to be 100% free of fat and calories. This charm is an essential charm bracelet component for any chocoholic.

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