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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 4

An unhappy diver spent his days doing... nothing. Argh at life. Argh at responsibilities. Argh at everything! - he thought. If he could only find a treasure - then there would be money, fame and happiness! #WishfulThinking

One day while diving he found a pirate shipwreck and a half-open treasure chest nearby. Inside the chest was sand. Argh! Someone got here before me - he thought. As he reached in a giant octopus crawled out spraying him in an inky cloud. Mother... Argh! - he thought and just about jumped.

He fumbled around inside the chest for a while before finding a tiny bottle. What the... Argh?!? - he thought. Disappointed by the fact no other treasures were located he returned to the surface with the bottle in hand. There was a note inside the bottle that read:

Ahoy Faithful Explorer,

You r unhappy because you think that you r immortal. You live like you have time. You want more blin', more fame, more everythin'. But why do you Argh at everythin’?

Know this: no valuables can be kept. You can not bring anything with you when you die. Death may tap on your shoulder any moment. You have no time for crappy thoughts 'n moods, regrets ‘n doubts. Don’t Argh! Be Arr and Yay instead.

You have already found your treasure. Your true treasure is your life. Now - do something, you lazy Argh! #DoSomething

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