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Snow Angel (Retired)

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The first snowflakes drifting from the chilly sky being met with the wide smiles of children of all ages spilling from the houses ready to build snow forts and snowballs, with sleds and toboggans soaring down the hillsides between newly christened friends with their magic hats.

Those who built a frosty friend may be worried that he will melt as the weather turns warmer, however this SNOW ANGEL will also not melt on your bracelet. He has a magic top hat (which Santa assures us means he will not melt), a carrot nose, and bits of coal for a wide, happy smile. But you may have noticed that there is a halo upon that top hat and a tiny pair of wings fluttering from his frosty back. This snow angel is sure to fly to your side whenever you need a friend, year after year.

We invite you to add our adorable little OHM Snow Angel to your bracelet to remind you of all your favorite winter memories: tasting snowflakes on your tongue (and hot cocoa afterwards), ice skating, skiing, or snow boarding, and of course flopping into that cold, powdery white stuff to flap your arms and legs and make your own snow angel. Perhaps ours is a guardian Snow Angel. A little extra protection is always reassuring.

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