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Mystic Knot (2-Tone)

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With center knot of solid 14k gold accent for luck and good fortune. The Mystic Knot -- also called the Infinity Knot -- is one of eight lucky signs in Buddhism. This special knot has no discernible beginning or endpoint and symbolizes longevity, prosperity, triumph, love, and health. In Buddhist beliefs, the Mystic Knot represents the never-ending cycle, which offers each of us the ability to overcome illness and adversity and instead create success, fame, fortune, and long life.
Holding and rubbing the knot is said to calm your fears, stress, impatience, and bad temper, bringing a sense of serenity, stability, and mental clarity. Travelers often carry the Mystic Knot as a charm of protection against accidents, thieves, or evil spirits.
Best of all, the Mystic Knot is a powerful symbol of eternal love and the tight, unbreakable bond of family, marriage, and friendship. The Mystic Knot is even reputed to be a potent love charm to improve your relationship fortunes.
Wow, that’s a significant knot! OHM is pleased to present our Mystic Knot as a beautiful charm for luck, prosperity, and protection to add to your bracelet or give as a gift to a friend or loved one, symbolizing the tight and never-ending connection of your connection.
This Mystic Knot will dangle and move delightfully on your wrist, and it will be within easy reach to hold and calm your troubled spirit. You might even improve your life! Worth a try, right?

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