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Daddy's Little Girl (Retired)

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On the one side is depictured a young girl in the arm's of her doting father. On the other is engraved "Daddy's Little Girl". The entire design is finished with sparkling crystals embedded around the edge.

There is no bond like that between parent and child. It lasts a lifetime and evolves as we do. As children, a parent cares for our every need, allowing us to grow. As teenagers they help to instill strong values that stand us in good stead for our lives ahead. As adults they become our friends, accepting of our own decisions and caring from afar.
The relationship between mother and daughter is frequently celebrated and hailed as unrivaled. As many a woman and girl will undoubtedly testify however, the bond between father and daughter is equally unique.
2012's Community Bead design is the adorable Daddy's Little Girl. This bead's popularity demonstrates how cherished this relationship truly is.

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