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Love Cage

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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 9

If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, it wasn’t. Why do we cling?

We pin our love to people, circumstances, and things. We hold onto them for the sake of comfort. We are looking for stability, predictability and ultimately - safety. Life is always changing. People change, circumstances change - nothing is in control. You can plan all you want, but life is going to go its own way without asking your opinion. Why do we stress about the possibility of losing things we love?

Relax! You are going to lose everything. You are going to die. Let go of your expectations and fear of losing things now! Without regrets, there are no disappointments. Be vulnerable. Let it all go! Let it all go. If you want to fly, you have to LET GO of the sh-tuff that weighs you down.

When you stop trying to grasp, own, and control, you are given the freedom to fill yourself with the power to love without letting it destroy you. That’s why letting go is so important: letting go is letting love in.

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