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Jingle Locks

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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 45

When you love someone you want to know that it will always be true. You feel like there can be no end. When you solidify your love with a physical manifestation, like a lock on a bridge, you remember that moment etched in your psyche. The feeling of permanence, the feeling of forever, the feeling of seeing all those other dedications of love around yours.

How long is forever? If forever ends, is there another forever after that? How many times and in how many ways does love live inside of you?

Give your body a jiggle and feel the love rattle around you. The air in our lungs, the blood flowing through our bodies, the hair that is our antenna sensing the universe around us, the clothes we cover ourselves to show who we are to others, the beads that jingle around us as an auditory I LOVE YOU to anyone who is listening.

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