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Mended Heart

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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 49

Dad loves to fix things. He knows exactly how to repair a broken bicycle, chair, window, or appliance. He keeps a handy supply of duct tape, nails, bolts, screws, rivets, clamps, paint, glue, and more duct tape. Dad takes pride in his workshop, and in his collection of power tools. He has saws for every occasion, a cordless drill with bits of every conceivable size, and, of course, his tractor with every attachment invented. Dad has electrical tools, gardening tools, landscaping tools, and tools for tearing apart the kitchen sink.

That’s why Dad has spent so much time mending his heart for Father’s Day. He loves to share it, but needs to be sure it will stay intact. No, it’s not made of chocolate, it’s metal! And it’s sorta patched together the way a lot of Dad’s fix-it projects turn out. Dad does his best to make us feel safe and protected. We know that under all that tough guy metal, Dad is really just a big softy with a generous, gentle heart who really wants a hug.

We love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

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