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Lucky Moves

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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 10

I am lucky. I am thankful for that luck. What is life but luck. No one tries HARDER than anyone else. We are all attempting to make this random thing called LIFE work. What are the rules? Who made the rules? Why would one person's contribution be worth more than another's ? We are all equal in the Game of Life.

We are the lucky ones. We've coalesced an OHMazing group of individuals. Together we have expanded the box of what it means to be us. Is it luck that brought us together? Was it fate? Was it willed? Did we manifest this moment, or are we just experiencing the lucky happenstance of these aligned particles of matter?

Luck is as luck moves. Let us release the preconceived notion of what we think we deserve, and be thankful in the blessing of what is. Let us release the preconceived notion of what we feel we deserve, and be thankful for what is offered to us. Let us move our bodies and our minds forward into the unknown future with humility and gratitude.

Luck is what we deserve. Luck is who we are. Luck is the moment. Luck is now. Luck is appreciating what you have in front of you in this very moment. Luck is not a chance. Luck is breathing. Luck is eating. Luck is drinking. Luck is happiness. Luck is depth. Luck is freedom. Luck is moving. Luck is speaking. Luck is connecting. Luck is not empty. Luck is full. Luck is being alive. Remind yourself to be lucky. Luck is.

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