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Wings Of Protection 2.0

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*** This is a custom order item and requires 6-8 weeks to ship. Sales are final, no returns, no refunds.

Let it go!

This is the second iteration of the Wings of Protection series. The first depicted a butterfly cradling a little baby in its wings and symbolizes protection of the young, nurturing what is precious and can’t protect itself. Here we symbolize the time when it's time to let go. The baby has grown and left the nest. What was precious and needed protection is no longer in need of our help and this is the time to think of yourself. You do not have anyone more precious than yourself. Protect yourself, keep your dreams alive, live to your own purpose. So spread your wings and fly wherever your heart desires. We pass through each stage of life with grace and purpose. Love hurts, love wounds, love kills, but love fuels and love endures, love drives, and love protects. #PROTECTYOURSELF

Wings of Protection 2.0, by OHM, can be worn on your bracelet or an OHM Ball Necklace. 

Each WINGS OF PROTECTION 2.0 is serialized, engraved with an individual code, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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