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Snowboarding (Retired)

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The Ohm Beads Snowboarding charm shows a rider practicing his stale fish, arm triumphantly punching the air. Whether you're an adrenalin seeking trickster loving the freestyle of half-pipe or just enjoy the freedom of carving down the slopes, the Ohm Beads Snowboarding charm is for you.

Snowboarding is the inspired and adrenalin pumping result of combining skiing, surfing, sledding and skate boarding. While snow boarding has existed in one form or another since the 1920s, in 1998 it became acknowledged as a winter sport and soon became the cool younger brother to skiing.

As winter approaches and we enter the unyielding icy grasp of cold weather, it's tempting to retreat to the warm. For many it brings the opportunity for adrenalin pumping snow sports and we have the perfect charms for just such a bracelet.

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