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Legend says that gargoyles are guardians, made from magically animated stone. They come to life at night to fight battles from rooftops across the city, and throughout the silent streets. They fight against the forces of evil.
Gargoyles were added to the roofs of Egyptian temples and to Medieval cathedrals and castles -- not only as decorative spouts to lift the rain water away from the walls -- but also as supernatural protection against evil spirits.

Some people believe that gargoyles are monsters themselves, perched upon the edges of the rooftops waiting -- waiting with the patience of stone -- waiting until nightfall to leap down and prey upon the unwary humans in the shadows.

Others say that gargoyles can read the hearts of humans, and if your heart is good, honest, generous, and true, then the gargoyle is your guardian protector against the evils of this world and beyond. But if your heart is greedy and filled with wicked secrets, then beware! The gargoyle moves swiftly and silently behind you!

What do you believe?

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