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Cat Fish (Retired)

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Have you heard the legend of the CAT FISH? The mythological CAT FISH -- half-cat, half-fish -- the feline mermaid.

The story begins long, long ago, a young cat was staring down into a crystal bowl, watching with fascination as many colored fish splashed and swam tantalizingly close to the surface. With a quick dart of its paw, the clever cat snared a slippery fish for their lunch. But this fish was different. It was a magical fish; and as you well know, magical fish can grant wishes when caught, if you agree to let them go. The cat had a tough choice: a savory lunch or a wish.

Suddenly, the wiggling fish caused the cat to lose its balance, and both cat and fish plunged into the pool. Most cats can swim if they have to, but this chasm was too deep and the current pulling down too strong. It looked like our poor kitty would surely drown.

"Since you did not really let me go," said the magic fish, "I can only grant you half a wish." The cat was in no position to argue. "Help me!" the cat mewed.

"Your half wish is granted!" said the fish. The cat was instantly transformed. Gills appear along the feline's neck and a strong tail sprouts where their hindquarters used to be. Half a fish. Half a cat.

To this day, cats dip their paws into the fishbowl, hoping to catch that magic fish again to make their own wishes. And to this day, mother cats warn their kittens not to get too near the water. "Be careful," they say, "the cat face you see reflected in the water may not be your own."

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