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Noice (Retired)

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OHMLAB Assistant: Rach Tapper

This Surfing Santa is ready to hit the waves. Maybe you’re celebrating St. Nick’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere. A warm and sunny Christmas, NOICE!

With a drink in hand, a floral shirt, and a board filled to the brim with swirling currents of ocean. Santa is going to have a good time. Perfect for celebrating the giving season all year long. Did someone say Christmas in July?

Ever wonder what Santa does to unwind after a long year of making all those gifts in the tundra of the North Pole and then magically delivering them to every home on the planet in a single night? Whew! That’s enough to exhaust even the jolliest of elves!

Of course, we know that Santa keeps up his strength while shooting up and down those chimneys by nibbling thousands of generous platters of cookies and milk; but that packs on extra poundage, and ol’ Saint Nick badly needs some vigorous exercise in a warm, tropical getaway.

At OHM, we have learned the secret of where Santa goes to work on his tan and rejuvenate his weary bod. Santa loves to hit the beaches in California, Hawaii, Australia, and even Tahiti to hang ten! That’s right, Santa’s a surfer dude!

He can’t wait to trade in his heavy red-and-white fur for a pair of gnarly baggies and a loose shirt. Look! There he is now, firing on an epic wave, carving the barrel like a true dilla, flashing the “hang loose” sign while not spilling a drop of his Pina Colada! Too cool for school. This radical Santa is an all-right dude, and all the beach bunnies love him!

If you’re feeling weary of the long, cold winter and the numbing routine that has you frozen inside, break free with our awesome OHM Surfing Santa on your bracelet and imagine yourself slip-sliding down a wave with the sun on your skin and the salty spray so refreshing on your face!

Now, you are digging your toes into the warm sand as you relax on the beach and take another deep, satisfying sip from your favorite umbrella drink.

Yes, our Surfing Santa truly knows how to “hang loose” and stay cool. Next year’s toys will have to wait a while. Cowabunga, dude! Or, as we say Downunder, “NOICE!”

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